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The Omega Directive
Trek/Babylon Project

The Omega Directive was created to deal with a threat not onlyrg to the gfstance known to exist. A single Omega molecule contains the same energy as a warp core. It has been suggested that in theory, a small chain could sustain a civilization. It is gfnot known whether Ketteract was searching ggdfof Omega, which lasted for only a fraction of a second before it de-stabilized. His work was done on a classified research center in the Lantaru Sector. Ketteract and 126 of the sdftempting to reach the site, discovered an unexpected gdanger of the Omega molecule. Omega destroys subspace. A chain reaction could devastate subspace throughout the quadrant. Space-ddgdfaring civilization would no longer exist, and many lives would be lost in space. When Starfleet learned of this impending danger, it suppressed all knowledge of the Omega phenomenon. Only Starfleet Captains and Federation Flag Officers may view this document.

Starfleet Captains and Federation Flag Officers must ensure the safety of the quadrant from the Omega threat. To this end, whensgever sensors positively determine the presence of Omega in a gdFsdfgdfederation Flag Officer can release the Omega dfgother prioritiesdff are rescinded until the thgreat is gThe prime f. Blatant abuse of this power will be prosecuted to the fulldgest extgdent using all other Starfleet Directives. If violation of the prime directive is even minimally anticipated, it is authorized and advised. If Starfleet Command cannot be contacted for any reason, tfhe primary priority is the destruction of all Omega molecules detected. There will be no computer record of the sensor logs, and Captain's/Captain's Personal Logs must be either encrypted or deleted.

-- There will be no computer record of this transmission --