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Star Trek New Frontier Invasion #1


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Star Trek New Frontier Invasion #1
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Star Trek New Frontier-Invasion #1
By Alan Tang
Adrimal's log Stardate 472894.1
Adrimal Mckenzie Calhorn
Uss Excalibar-Akira Class

The Excalibar is on coarse for an unexpected redezvous with the starship defiant ever since the return of Captain Sisko from the Phophets , Something just doesn't fill right.

" adrimal were getting hailed from the defiant " saided Mchenry
" put it on screen " ordered Calhorn

The viewscreen had a image of the defiant but switched with the bridge of the defiant and it's commander , Captain Sisko.

" This is the Excalibar to the defiant but what do we earn the pleasure of your company"said Calhorn
"calhorn, i wish it was under more better circumstances"Said sisko

Sisko looking deeply concerned , Calhorn confused he asked " what wrong "
Sisko said sadly " as of 0900 hours the dominion will be at war with the federation "

The crew of the exclaibar all stared at the screen and at each other .

" the exclaibar and 14 other ships are ordered to assemble a fleet with 310 other ships the flagship of the fleet is the exeter " said sisko
"shelby" said calhorn
" yes adrimal shelby "

Chapter 1

Adrimal's log Stardate 472894.01
Adrimal Elizabeth Shelby
Uss Exeter- Galaxy Class

By now the word has broken out about the war between the dominion and the federation over 3 outposts and 41 ships had been lost in the last 2 weeks. 3 hours ago the federation formaly declared war agains the Dominion Alliance . I have been promoted to the rank adrimal cause of my expreience of borg technology . The exeter, voyager, enterprise , lichno,and alamo have been upgraded with borg photon weapons and adapted shielding so far we assembled 312 ships. I have personelly asked for the excalibar. We will expect a transmission from Earth at 1200 hours.

" status kerbon " said shelby
" starships in formati- sir we are getting a distress call from starbase 210 "
" broadcast to all ships "

" To any federation fleets this is starbase 210 we are under attack we are sending informatio-n of weapon upg--des of domin--n we-pons and shie-ds please we need a.......... no one more hit and nooooooooooooooooooooo.................-------------------------------. "

" i'm sorry starbase 210 has fallen , maam the excalibar has arrived "
" good , computer time?"
"1159 hou---- attenion all federation ships this is war frecency 001 "

The viewscreen switched to the President Lojor'a
" this is the president lojor'a of the united federation of planets , i'm sorry to say that the dominion have declared war on the federation , the 1st and second fleets will begin to patrol the betazoid system the 3rd and 5th will stay at earth, the 4th and 6th will head for deep space nine, klingons fleets are partoling klingon borders and the cardassian and 7th , 8th and 9th will head into trey'onja sector which we lost contact with the 3 outposts , 31 conolies and 4 labortories centers, which will be commandered by Adrimal Elizabeth Shelby. Good luck and god bless "

" this was a transmission from earth war frecency 001 "said the computer
" okay you heard them all ships set coarse for the Trey'onja Sector full impuse " said shelby

" all right all hands at combat readiness " said calhorn
" dammit I lost a friend in the Trey'onja Outpost 2 " said Tatical Officer Gordon
" i'm sorry gordon "

+comm exeter to enterprise, voyager , lichno , alamo , excalibar , defiant and the cardassian flagships all commanders please transport to the exeter for a special briefing.+

"okay i guess i got to go " said Calhorn


On the bridge was all the commanding officers that shelby reqested " shall we begin in my confrence room kerbon broadcast the confrence to the fleet " said shelby

All around the table was cardassians and humans , one boilan and one vulcan .

"let me introduce you all to Captain Mizno Georiana of the Alamo, Captain Americo Sandchez of the Lichno, Adrimal Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise, Captain Bejeamin Sisko of the Defiant, Adrimal Janeway of the Voyager , Gul Duna of the Behjfd, Adrimal Calhorn of ...the excalibar good to see you again Mckenzie and XO's Slon of the exeter and Hojara XO of the alamo "

All them nodded each other.

As fleet commander " Captain Mizno Georiana will be in command of Wing Alpha, Captain Americo commander of wing gamma, Picard commander of freedom wing, Sisko commander of Hope wing , Janeway commander of Liberty wing , Calhorn of lumaba wing and me commander of earth wing." said shelby they all looked at there padds and review it.

"As you can see the dominion had advance quite alot , metaphasic cloaking, proto distrupters and trans-nuclear devices designed to killed the crew from the inside when shields are down so be aware. So far know allies for the domimion is Romulan, Breen, and the Gorn. Be advise we know little about the gorn and how far they advanced. So prepare for battle in 3 hours dismissed"

Engaging the Enemy-Trey'onja sector Outpost 1
"RED ALERT!! Exeter to fleet prepare to engage , arm all weapons and fire at will."said shelby
"Adrimal! Liberty and Hope wing has engage----d"said kerbon

The ship rocked violently on the exeter bridge bulkheads fell apart. Everyone fell around the bridge but kerbon didn't budge a inch.

" fleet status kerbon"asked shelby
" 12 ships destroyed ,cardassian flagship disa--e-. "said kerbon
" Chan evasion action delta 4 "

The exeter fired it's phasers and torpetoes in the background , the hiroshima rip apart and crashed in the exeter saucer, but barely missed the bridge, the crash was flet by everone aboard.

" report!!!" screamed shelby
" life support lost on decks 3 to 10 , damage on all saucer decks casulties reported ship wide saucer sheilds down "
" abandon saucer section , come let's go everyone to the battle bridge, computer saucerer sper--ation in 5 mi---nutes." said shelby

Everyone on the bridge evacuted to the turbolifts , and went to the battle bridge.

"Adrimal three is still over 104 life signs on the saucer section"
"beam up as much people as you can seperate the saucer"

The exeter's saucer torn apart and flew right into a dominion battleship.

" how much did you get "
" we got 56 out of 104 "
" signal earth wing begin assualt formation 89 charlie "
" yes sir "

{Uss Alamo Captain Mizno Georiana}
" locked on captain "
" fire on the bloody thing "

The crew was tossed by a devasating hit.

" report we lost the mi king and the beruma, hull brench on deck 4 "
"arm borg ninites on the flagship"
"sir we need to be within 400 metres "
"do it!"

Wing Zero destoryed and fired it's way thru the fleet and headed directly to the flagship, it was a beast as wing zero continue to gain closer losing ships after ships after ships it finally made it.

" blast the motherfuckers "
" direct hit flagship heavily damaged there shields are at 12 % "
+this is the voyager we lost all are wing escorts joining wing zero formation+
+shelby to all ships we almost have it we lo---st ov---er 83 ships in the fleet continue attacking---+

" attack wing is firing on the ship one more hit should be enough "
"arm ninites and fire"
"arming ninites away, destoyed"
"yes!!!!!' good work crew join wing one format------..."
" sir the Lichno is disabled......"
+comm alamo to lichno respond+
+were------ab-oundi--ning --shi--p ne-d a----stance+

{Uss Lichno Captain Americo Sandchez)

"this is the captain all hands abandon ship repeat all hands abandon ship"

The crew ran desperate but i was to late the escape pods were god the bridge crew was the only people left on the Uss Lichno

"computer ram the closest ship nearby"

After 20 minutes more of fighting the federation has finally won the Battle of Trey'Onja sector and liberated the Trey'Onja conolies.

Next Issue #2