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The Doctor
Emergency Medical Holographic Doctor

**Includes updates, addenda through SD 50500 (2373)
Played By: Robert Picardo
Rank: Uncommissioned
Current assignment: Chief medical officer, U.S.S. Voyager
Full File Name: Emergency Medical Hologram AK-1
Activation Date: SD 48308.2. (2371)
Reinitialized Date: SD 50252 (2373)
Origin of program: Jupiter Station Holo-Programming Center
Original Programmer: Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, Starfleet
Programming: Taken from among 3,000 cultures and 47 specific surgeons
Office: Adjoining Sickbay on Deck 5, U.S.S. Voyager

***SPECIAL NOTE: Captain's Entry by Kathryn Janeway

While our "doctor" is indeed an Emergency Medical Hologram pressed into service, his ongoing evolution due to his adaptive programming compels me to open this file entry to catalog his numerous contributions to our crew.

File Update: Delta Quadrant Addendum
Report by Cmdr. Chakotay, First Officer, U.S.S. Voyager

Our ship's Doctor is a holographic figure - an emergency medical program devised by Starfleet programmers. When the ship's doctor and entire medical staff were killed in the "Caretaker's" displacement wave, the Doctor by necessity became the resident physician aboard the U.S.S. Voyager, assisted by first Paris and then Kes, a quick study in medical training.

The program's first statement upon activation is usually "Please state the nature of the medical emergency"; the automatic command was altered to allow his own creativity, but the Doctor preferred the known opening to creating his own more clever and personable lines. Initiation is automatic upon red alert status; the program is usually set for high magnetic cohesion, but it can be lessened to a mere image. For security's sake in a crisis it carries its own power grid separate from the nominal ship's Holodeck system. His wide array of programming has allowed him to keep Neelix alive with hologrpoahic lungs, save the Vidiian hematologist Danara Pel via a temporary holographic body, and even to alter DNA so as to remerge Torres' human and Klingon halves, reform Paris and Janeway from their retro-evolution as amphibians, and ensure the safety of Wildman's human-Ktarian baby at birth.

The AK-1 program indeed makes the Doctor is a genius when it comes to medicine, but his bedside manner leaves something to be desired - although he has already come far since he was first the joke and then the bane of the USS Voyager crew. In fact, it's harder to tell what's evolved more: the Doctor's own self-respect, or the respect he's given by his colleagues - with thanks on both counts largely due to his surprise assistant, Kes - though he still rubs Torres the wrong way and usually can't stand Neelix. Prodded by her and the simple needs of their predicament, Janeway has seen to it that not only is the Doctor accorded more briefings and updates, but he can now turn himself off - a small matter until seen in the light of independence.

Thanks to various crisis - as when Harry's Holodeck program began "devouring" the crew and later, the Doctor has even ventured from his familiar and all-but-mastered medical world to real-life adventures and even fear and heartbreak outside Sickbay. Also at Kes' urging he has considered a host of names but most recently has tried "Schmullus," the uncle of Vidiian hematologist Dr. Danara Pel whom he saved and actually fell in love with, leaning on Paris and Kes for romantic advice. The experience even prompted the Doctor to open his own personal log on SD 49504.3, to learn to dance, and to borrow Paris' holo-program for "parking" in an archaic '57 Chevy ground vehicle on Mars.

Due to the memory circuit degradation of extremely close kinoplasmic radiation, an EMH malfunction occurred ca. SD 48892.1 caused by a feedback loop between the Holodeck computer and the doctor's program, which was running a holo-novel at the time to "relax" at the captain's suggestion. No one was affected but the program itself, which was being convinced that it was its human lead programmer, Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, amid a holographic study simulation of a battle-damaged ship and crew.

Apart from the clinical and statistical notes on parenting, he felt unqualified to help Kes with her decision on motherhood, but she still picked him as an absent parental figure to perform the rolisisin pre-mating ritual. He in turn took her advice to make himself sick, literally, to better empathize with patients; his resulting holo-version of Levodian flu lasted a day longer than he'd intended thanks to Kes, and I think he "learned" a helpful lesson in patience.

File Update: SD 50500
Report by Capt. K. Janeway

I never would have believed it, but our "Doctor" now has more memory and, thanks to the 29th century, is confined to Sickbay no more. It is taking some getting used to, but he has only rarely been troubled by glitches in the self-powered armband mobile emitter he wears after the time-stealing technocrat Starling "donated" it to us.

Despite the scare he gave us when his memory overloaded and degraded, I see no harm in continuing to allow and encourage his exploration of humanity -- as long as it does not endanger the crew's security and B'Elanna assures me we have the technical support to allow it. I admit I was skeptical when we took the chance of initializing his memory and then used the diagnostic program to add more, but I would hope -- La Boheme divas aside -- that these experiences to come will have a mellowing effect on his personality subroutine, which can only aide the crew on our very long journey.

We could not get along without him, and I owe him my life more than once - including his daring mix of diplomacy and tactics to retrieve the Vidiians' antidote to the virus which quarantined Chakotay and myself on a world to be left behind. His idea to emit holographic support ships proved promising, but I must add that I especially commend his defense of the ship with Crewman Suder against the Kazon-Nistrim, and against the macrocosms which we subdued together.

And while I opposed his choice, I will always remember and respect his citing of the Hippocratic Oath to "do no harm" when I made the difficult decision to deintegrate the entity Tuvix into its original patterns for Tuvok and Neelix.

The sum total of all these actions increasingly only leads me to examine our preconceived notions of life and learning.


Chef, Diplomatic Adviser, Morale Officer

**Includes updates, addenda through SD 50500 (2373)
Played By: Ethan Phillips
Species: Talaxian
Current assignment: U.S.S. Voyager: Chef, diplomatic adviser, "morale officer"
Full Name: Neelix
Place of birth: Rinax, a Talax moon
Marital status: Single

Profile by Capt. Kathryn Janeway

Neelix is a jovial male Talaxian, a major species of this far side of the Delta Quadrant, whose wit and instincts have enabled him to survive as a scavenger and merchant. Now he aids our cause admirably after coming aboard with his Ocampa mate, Kes, from her home system. Although he takes good-natured abuse at times for it, he has been invaluable in preparing fresh meals from the flora and fauna of this region in order to ration food replicator power. In fact, for the human "37's," he even researched and came up with 20th-Century comfort foods for all -- with none of his usual custom twists added. In addition, his past dealings and travels have yielded invaluable information for our command decisions and strategy. He has begun taking a more active role in senior staff affairs and even held off the Kazon-Ogla when Commander Chakotay and I were absent.

Neelix's chores as self-appointed "chief morale officer" have run the gamut from personal counseling, such as helping Lt. Ayala deal with separation from his children, to a daily inter-ship video program for the crew, "A Briefing with Neelix," begun ca. SD 49483. The latter led to his single-handedly tracking down the Paris ruse to flush out Crewman Jonas as our Kazon informant, risking his life but emerging intact after killing Jonas in a raw plasma stream in Main Engineering after a brawl there.

Neelix has already confronted his past devils coming aboard, admitting that he avoided military service before the 2366 conquest of his home planet Talax. The Haakonian Order forced surrender after it irradiated his family and the rest of the population of the Talax moon Rinax with the Metreon Cascade weapon. The weapon's inventor, Dr. Ma'Bor Jetrel, tracked us down and led us to Rinax in order to use our transporters to attempt to regenerate the remains of Neelix's people. The experience opened up severe old wounds in Neelix, but when Jetrel died of his own metreon radiation poisoning, Neelix granted the guilt-ridden scientist forgiveness. It was a difficult but huge step for our Talaxian crewmate.

Our first encounter with the Vidiians involved the theft of Neelix's lungs, and it took the Doctor's holographic substitutes to keep him alive. Fortunately, the mercy I showed our Vidiian prisoners prompted them to use their superior medical technology to transplant one of Kes' lungs into Neelix, and adapt his immunogenicity so his physiology wouldn't reject it.

Neelix is completely in love with Kes, whom he calls by the endearment "sweeting" and was ready to father a child when her premature elogium seemed to loom. His jealous nature of Kes was an ugly monster until he finally settled with its main target, Tom Paris, after the two helped birth an sentient reptilloid infant in an abrasive atmosphere.

His long-running feud with the less-than-patient Doctor is not helped by Kes' early elogium, which finds him pondering the responsibilities of parenthood and deciding to embrace it, only to be nixed by Kes herself and other events. Later he assisted with the birth of Ensign Wildman's baby.

Entry by K. Janeway

I have grown concerned in recent weeks about our morale's officer's morale, and now I understand why. Despite Neelix's cheerful and upbeat demeanor, even he has a down side, and now I understand that some of it stems from his pessimistic self-view as worthless to this crew now that we have exceeded the region of his scouting knowledge. Aside from my regular assurances, I note in this record that I acknowledge Neelix's past "very" basic combat training on Rinax, per his description, and intend to merge him more usefully into entry-level defense training, including the monthly tactical exercises.

This is not to register any displeasure with his natural diplomatic skills, his ongoing "Briefing with Neelix" comcasts, and even the cooking. Indeed his quick-thinking as a faux Nagus during our Ferengi encounter helped save the mission, even if I personally can do without his people's custom of delivering a history of each meal while it is served, a practice his mother perfected. I still wonder if his greatest diplomatic challenge, though, is his constant attempts to "buddy up" to our most unbuddylike officer, Tuvok. Even his Talax Resort holoprogram, with modifications by Paris, Kim, Torres, et al, has proved to be a morale-boosting hit.

All this is to help explain why, shortly after my initial entry here, I made the decision to try to regain both he and Tuvok's lives as separate entities after a freak transporter merging of the two, despite the "death" of the resulting sentient lifeform dubbed Tuvix.

On yet another personal note: I note with concern the separation of he and Kes' continued realtionship, and I wish them both the best in whatever path they take.


Seven of Nine
Honorary Crewmember


Played By: Jeri Ryan
Species: Human, Cybernetic
Current assignment: U.S.S. Voyager : no formal assignment
Full Name at Birth: Annika Hansen
Place of birth: Tendara Colony, SD 25479
Marital status: Single

Introductory Medical Notes: EMH Doctor, AK-1

The Borg formerly known by the designation "Seven of Nine" has been disconnected from the Borg collective mind through the neutralization of the upper-spinal column neurotransceiver. In total, I have extracted eighty-two percent of her Borg hardware implants. The remaining bio-implants have been stabilized and remain critical to her life support. I have also stimulated her human metabolism and immune system, though the Borg Nanobots in her bloodstream will more than suffice until she has stabilized. Hair follicles have been repaired and stimulated. Left eyepiece has been replaced by an artificial organ replacement, simulating her own organic eye.

Starfleet records indicate that Seven of Nine was formerly Annika Hansen. Annika's parents were last reported to be leaving a remote outpost in the Omega sector, headed towards the Delta Quadrant in a small vessel The Raven. It is possible that the Hansen family were the first humans to be assimilated by the Borg.

For detailed records of the implant removal process, access U.S.S. Voyager Medical Database 01-022473-007.

See also: Medical logs, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, SD 44001.4, CMO Beverly Crusher. Subject: Locutus, aka Jean-Luc Picard.
All records classified.


Harry Kim
Operations Officer

Played by: Garrett Wang
Rank: Ensign
Current assignment: Operations Officer: U.S.S. Voyager (ship lost and unaccounted for SD 48307.5)
Species/gender: Human male
Year of birth: 2349
Education: Starfleet Academy, 2367-71
Marital status: Single
Last known whereabouts: The Badlands

Profile: Report of Starfleet Command Review Board

Kim had an especially promising career in engineering and analytical operations when his life was apparently cut short along with 151 fellow crewmembers on the ill-fated Voyager. Kim, who was engaged at the time of his disappearance, had played clarinet in the Julliard Youth Symphony and was editor of the Starfleet Academy newspaper for one full year, where his series on the mounting Maquis problem fostered much campus debate.

Though he enjoyed a stellar academic career and welcomed the challenges and adventures of exploration, Kim was a bit nervous about living up to his own expectations.

File Update: Delta Quadrant Addendum
Report by Capt. Kathryn Janeway, U.S.S. Voyager

Fresh from Starfleet Academy and somewhat naive, my Ops officer feels his loss of home and family as a raw wound so early in his career. His genius nearly got us home through a micro-wormhole if not for a time technicality, and he has transported halfway home with the Sikarians. He has been "devoured" by vengeful sentient energy beings trapped in his Beowulf holo-program, survived the "afterlife" of the Vhnori, and returned from the dead on the quantum level as well -- since he is actually now a twin from a duplicate Voyager that self-destructed. I was also gratified that he helped retrieve the Doctor from his damaged irradiated program and that he fought temptation to stay with the "'37s."

Like myself, Kim too is estranged from a fiancee, but he became instant friends with Paris and stuck with him despite his problems. In return I believe he has been good-naturedly badgered to give up Libby's memory in return for shipboard dates. I do know he is preparing a new orchestral program with Lt. Susan Nicoletti and her oboe, (although Ensign Baytart next door does not care for the amplified clarinet sound.) I have been a bit disappointed in his knowledge of recent history: when mindful of the Mars colony's founding date he had never heard of aviation pioneer and fellow Terran Amelia Earhart and was vague on the advent and predecessor to hover cars.