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The Psi Phi website just update their 'DS9 Relaunch' page, where Pocket Books editor Marco Palmieri discusses upcoming storylines, answers more questions and provides a few more teasers about 'Avatar' and the others novels set after the series finale, 'What You Leave Behind'. You can read all the latest information at

The site also posted the following promotional image of the new captain of the U.S.S Defiant, Commander Elias Vaughn.

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Spoilers for upcoming Voyager episodes:The Universe's Paramount source has chimed in with some new spoilers regarding some of he new episodes of Voyager that are coming. Some of this may or may not be new to you since the official site, and this site, have had the official descriptions up for some time. Note that there is also a tidbit about "Shattered" at the Universe, but we have already posted a summery of the script which recently appeared online.

Lineage : Torres and Paris find out B'Ellana is pregnant. They find out that it is a girl, and that she has a spinal disorder that runs in Torres family. The doctor repairs the problem through gene resequencing, and this set Torres on a bizarre quest to change the DNA of her child. Because she was ridiculed as a child due to her forehead ridges, and because her father left her due to it being too hard to deal with 2 Klingon women in the house, she thinks she can spare her daughter all of that, and prevent Paris from leaving her. There is a bunch of flashbacks to B'Ellana as a child.

Repentance : Voyager comes to the aid of a prison ship and ends up transporting a bunch of death row inmates to their executions. At any rate, one of the people who is a multiply murderer gets the crap beat out of him by the guards when he threatens one of the officers family. Of course the doctor tries to save him, and ends up putting Borg nano-probes into the inmates brain. The nano-probes enact a sense of guilt in the man, and he turns into a model citizen. Of course then 7, Janeway, and the doctor try to get his life spared. But the family of the murder victim, has him put to death anyway.

Prophecy : Voyager is set upon by a bunch of cult-fanatic Klingons who believe that Torres baby is the next Messiah. The story centers on Torres coming to grips with her heritage, and helping the leader of the cult convince the rest of the group that her baby really is 'the one' so that the cult can finally stop wandering the universe and settle on a planet. The Klingon cult has been traveling through space looking for 'a sign' for 3 generations, and due obviously to many incestuous relationships (which is never mentioned of course) they all have a genetic disease which is fatal. This disease is of course passed on to Torres and her unborn child. However, the child turns out to be a catalyst, and the doctor is able to make a cure from the babies blood, curing everyone. The Klingons are convinced that the baby really is their 'savior', and they settle on a planet, the end.

The Void : Voyager is sucked into a 'void' from which there is no escape. There are no resources, no planets, no nothing. People survive by killing each other and stealing other peoples stuff. Every time a new ship is sucked in, everyone pounds the crap out of them and takes all their stuff. Janeway starts a coalition and gets several others to work together, and eventually, as you would expect, escape from the void.

Thanks To Section 31