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Dominion - Federation war and History


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Intelligence Report:

The Dominion

The Dominion is a powerful alliance of planetary groups from the Gamma Quadrant. It was established over two millennia ago by the reclusive Founders who controlled hundreds of planets. Although the Founders themselves are almost never seen, Dominion power is brutally exercised by the Jem'Hadar, insuring compliance of the Founders rule.

Social Structure

The Founders

An ancient civilization of shape shifters and the architects of the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant.

History -

The Founders once explored the galaxy, but found themselves to be feared, hunted, and killed by solids (their term for non-shape-shifters). Out of self defense, they retreated to the Omarion Nebula. From this location, the founders established the Dominion, through which they controlled hundreds of of planets imposing order through ruthless violence and fear. Although isolated, they never lost their desire to explore the universe. They sent 100 infant members out across the galaxy, implanting in each a powerful desire to return home, so the Founders could learn about far away places. The Founders have a strong family link to each member of their species, and it has been said no shape-shifter has harmed another.

The Founders ability to assume the shape of an object is so complete that a Founder in the guise of an individual of another species is virtually undetectable, even with sophisticated scanning equipment. Should, however, a piece of the Founder's body be separated from the main mass, the separated piece will revert to it's gelatinous state. [Note: Federation phasers set to 3.5 are sufficient to revert a Founder to gelatinous state]

To force compliance of the Founder's will, they used the warrior race known as the Jem'Hadar. They are controlled through genetic engineering and the dependency of ketracel-white. This drug is supplied to the Jem'Hadar through the Vorta. To the Vorta and the Jem'Hadar, the Founders are though of as mythical Gods.


The representatives of the Dominion. The Founders genetically engineer the Vorta, just as they do the Jem'Hadar. The Vorta carry out the Founder's wishes through the Jem'Hadar.

History -

According to Weyoun 6, his people worship the Founders because they transformed his ape-like ancestors into powerful beings. Since that time, they have worshiped the Founders as Gods.


Genetically engineered warrior species from the Gamma Quadrant. The Jem'Hadar function as the army of the Dominion, controlled by the Founders through the Vorta.

History -

The Jem'Hadar were first encountered in 2370 by personnel from Deep Space Nine. They do not eat. The "white" is the only thing they need for nutrition. They do not sleep. Relaxation would make them weak. They are bred in birthing chambers, so there is no need for females or sexual reproduction. They mature at a rapid rate and are able to fight after 3 days of emergence. Few live 15 years, and no Jem'Hadar has ever reached 30 years of age. If they manage to reach the age of 20, they achieve the status of "Honored Elder".

Starfleet was able to learn about the Jem'Hadar thanks to an infant being found at Deep Space Nine in 2371. As stated earlier, they grow rapidly both intellectually and physically.

Military History -

War with the Federation and it's allies:

Once the Dominion established the alliance with the Cardassians, Jem'Hadar forces conducted a massive buildup of arms and spacecraft at Cardassia Prime throughout 2373. The Dominion incursion continued on diplomatic fronts as well, as the Vorta were successful in negotiating non-aggression pacts with the Romulan Star Empire, the Tholian Assembly, the Miradorn, and the Bajorans. The Federation, fearful an invasion was imminent, established a minefield around the Bajoran wormhole, preventing further Dominion forces from the Gamma Quadrant. Dominion forces in the Alpha Quadrant responded by launching a massive assault on the Federation starbase Deep Space Nine. Simultaneously, Starfleet and Klingon forces launched a devastating strike on the Dominion shipyards at Torros III.

Even with the minefield blockading the wormhole, Dominion forces in the Alpha Quadrant inflicted extremely heavy casualties on the Federation and Klingon fleets through the early months of 2374. Perhaps the greatest Starfleet losses occurred at the Tyra system, where Jem'Hadar forces destroyed some 98 Federation vessels.

The war continued badly for the Alpha Quadrant powers until later that year when the Romulan Star Empire abrogated its non-aggression treaty with the Dominion. A massive assault by Federation, Klingon, and Romulan forces that captured the Chin'toka System from Cardassian control represented a major turning point in the war.

Nevertheless, aided by Breen forces and sophisticated Breen weaponry, the Dominion overwhelmed the Alpha Quadrant powers, despite the fact that a deadly virus was infecting the Great Link. This biological weapon, a genetically engineered disease developed by the Federation's Section 31, nearly wiped out the Founders. Despite an overwhelmingly powerful military force, the Dominion began to loose ground when the Alpha Quadrant powers developed the means to defend against the Breen technology [energy dampening weapon].

The Dominion, under the guidance of the Founder Leader, retreated to Cardassia Prime and adopted a siege strategy, hoping to hold off the Alpha Quadrant powers long enough to produce more ships and troops. Sensing Dominion vulnerability, the Alpha Quadrant powers launched a desperate final assault that overpowered the Dominion powers when the Cardassian military turned against the Founders. Nevertheless, the Founder Leader refused to surrender. She ordered all Dominion forces to fight to the death, leading the Alpha Quadrant powers to anticipate a high death toll. However, when Odo linked with her, curing her of the deadly virus, his gesture helped her understand that the Great Link could indeed live in peace with the solids of the galaxy. The Founder Leader subsequently ordered all Dominion forces to surrender. The Great Link itself was cured when Odo returned to his people after the end of the Dominion war.

Current Empire Status -

In 2373 the Dominion entered an alliance with the Cardassian Union, giving the Dominion a foot hold in the Alpha Quadrant. A long and costly war with the Federation and it's allies followed. The alliance of the Federation, Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Empire defeated the Dominion Alliance consisting of the Breen, Cardassians, and the Dominion. At the deciding battle at Cardassia Prime, the Cardassians changed sides, tilting the battle in the favor of the Federation and it's allies. The Dominion signed a treaty of surrender on Deep Space Nine after Cardassia was "liberated" from Dominion rule. Now that the Founders have been cured of their terminal disease thanks to Odo and the work of Federation Medical Staff (Bashir), the Dominion threat in the Alpha Quadrant is non-existent.

Information for this profile was obtained through the Continuum, and "The Star Trek Encyclopedia"

Weyoun 5, a Vorta, contemplates strategy during the war with the Federation

Founder changing form

Jem'Hadar soldiers take these rebels prisoner near the end of the war

This fleet consisting of the Dominion, Breen, and the Cardassians dealt the Federation Alliance fleet severe losses. The USS Defiant was among the many ships lost in this battle.

An example of a Founder's shape-shifting defenses

The Jem'Hadar are fearless in battle

The United Federation of Planets

Founded by Humans.

Home World - Earth

Earth is the 3rd planet in the Sol system, a class-M planet located in Sector 001. Home World to the Human civilization, and location of the Federation Council, the Federation President's office, as well as Starfleet Command.

History & Culture -

Humans -

The founders of the United Federation of Planets, Humans have become one of the most influential races in this portion of the One of the most influential and important species in the Alpha quadrant, Humans originate from the planet Earth in the Sol system. The early history of the planet was remarkable in many respects - chiefly for the number of contacts with alien civilizations which occurred. All of these proved to be of a very limited type however, and it was not until 2063 that the first official First Contact occurred. At this point Earth was suffering the effects of a large scale nuclear war and was at a particularly low point. A group of scientists working under Zephram Cochrane had been working on a method of faster than light drive system for spacecraft when the war occurred. Despite having no official funding and poor living conditions the team pressed on with their project, and by 2063 they where able to launch the Phoenix, the first vessel in the Alpha Quadrant fitted with a warp drive.

Cochrane's flight attracted the attention of a Vulcan survey vessel which was in the system; the Vulcans subsequently sent a shuttlecraft down to make contact with Cochrane's team. The discovery that they where not alone in the universe had a profound impact on mankind, bringing all the people of the Earth together as never before. As the only species equipped with warp drive technology, Humanity was able to virtually create the concept of interstellar trade. Human-built spacecraft totally monopolized this trade for over twenty five years, bringing a flood of revenue which rebuilt the war-torn planet and turned it into an economic powerhouse. By 2113 poverty, hunger and war had been abolished from the planet and Humanity was a major power. Throughout the next forty five years Humanity continued to build an interstellar network of colonies and bases through a significant portion of the Alpha quadrant. Finally, in 2158 they encountered the Romulan Empire; the two powers fought a brief but intense war which was ended in 2160 when the Romulan Neutral Zone was established in order to provide a buffer zone between the two powers.

The Romulan War proved to Humanity that they had over-reached themselves, and they sought to form an alliance of different civilizations in order to provide for greater stability and prevent further conflicts. The United Federation of Planets was established in 2161 when the Humans and Vulcans signed the Federation Constitution. Although the Federation is regarded as a model of inter-species cooperation, Humans have always made up the bulk of its population and have therefore tended to dominate it.

Physically, Humans are bilaterally symmetrical bipeds who's skin and hair can vary considerably between individuals. As with most species there are two genders, male and female, but unusually there are several different racial groups. In most other respects Humans are physically close to the average for an Alpha Quadrant species.

United Federation of Planets -

History -

An interstellar alliance of planetary governments and colonies, united for mutual trade, exploratory, scientific, cultural, diplomatic, and defensive endeavors, founded in 2161. In 2373, the Federation comprised more than 150 member planets, spread across 8,000 light-years. Membership to the Federation was predicated on a number of factors, such as the existence of a unified planetary government. Similarly, under the Federation charter, caste-based discrimination is not permitted on member planets. Federation members include Earth, Vulcan, and numerous other planetary states. The Federation is governed by the Federation Council, composed of representatives from the various member planets, that meet in the city of San Francisco on Earth. The Council itself is led by the Federation president, whose office is in the city of Paris on Planet Earth. The economic structure within the Federation made very little use of money in the 20th century sense of the term. By the 24th century, the acquisition of wealth ceased to be the driving force in the lives of the majority of Federation citizens.

Although the Federation and it's Starfleet have done an extraordinary job of maintaining a generally peaceful climate in this part of the galaxy, the Federation and it's member planets have been involved in a number of armed conflicts over the years. Notable among these are tensions with the Klingon Empire that lasted almost a century until the Organian Peace Treaty of 2267, and later the Khitomer conference of 2293. Still unresolved are conflicts with the Romulan Star Empire, the Tholian Assembly, and the Dominion [see Starfleet]. The Federation was involved in a protracted, bitter war with the Cardassians that dated back to the 2350s. An uneasy peace treaty with the Cardassian Union was reached in 2366. Conflict with the Cardassians continued at lower levels for years. One particular hot spot was Bajor, after the end of Cardassian occupation of the planet in 2369, when the Federation took over operation of the old Cardassian mining station Deep Space Nine in the Bajoran system near the newly discovered stable wormhole.

Military -

Starfleet is the deep-space exploratory, scientific, diplomatic, and defensive agency of the United Federation of Planets. Starfleet was chartered by the Federation in 2161 with the mission to "boldly go where no man has gone before." The most visible part of the Starfleet is its interstellar starships. Additionally, Starfleet maintains a far-flung network of star-bases to support deep-space operations.

Starfleet Command is the operating authority for the deep-space exploratory, scientific, diplomatic, and defensive agency of the United Federation of Planets. The primary control hub was located in San Francisco on Earth, but other command facilities were located in various star-bases throughout the Federation. Starfleet Command stays in touch with its starships by means of a subspace radio communications network, but even with this faster-than-light medium, interstellar space is so vast that is not uncommon for ships on the frontier to be out of touch. As a result, starship captains were frequently granted broad discretionary powers to interpret Federation policy in the absence of immediate instructions from Starfleet Command. Starfleet Headquarters is part of Starfleet Command, located in San Francisco on Earth. The facility includes a large aerial tram station.

Starfleet Academy is the training facility for Starfleet personnel located at the Presidio of San Francisco on Earth. Established in 2161, the academy is a four year institution. The motto of Starfleet Academy is "Ex astris, scientia," meaning "from the stars, knowledge." Non-Federation citizens require a letter of reference from a command-level Starfleet officer before they can take the Academy entrance exam.

Section 31 -

A secret division of Starfleet Intelligence that eliminates dangers to the Federation without answering to anyone. Officially, Section 31 does not exist. There is no main base of operations and no files are kept where they can be easily found. Among the many things Section 31 is responsible for creating is the disease that nearly wiped out the Founders [see Section 31 FAQ].

Recent Military Conflict -

With the Dominion threat becoming more great with every fleet of ships coming through the Bajoran wormhole, the Federation was forced to make a decision that would lead to war. Now allied with the Klingon Empire against the Dominion, Captain Ben Sisko decided to mine the entrance to the wormhole so no more Dominion forces could enter the Alpha Quadrant. The Cardassians joined forces with the Dominion, and later in the war the Breen entered in that alliance. When the Breen entered the war, the Dominion, Breen, and Cardassian forces attacked Earth, something the Klingons never would consider doing, even back in the days of bitter conflict. Millions of lives were lost, but in the end the Federation would win the war thanks to a change of heart from the Cardassians [see Cardassians]. The Federation Alliance, later consisting of the Romulans, defeated the Dominion Alliance to end a long and costly war.

Current Empire Status -

In the last couple of years the Federation has been challenged by several galactic powers, including the Dominion and the Borg. Now that the war with the Dominion has been won, the power struggle is likely to continue for control of the Alpha Quadrant between those who can afford to wage battle.

Information for this profile was obtained through the Continuum, and "The Star Trek Encyclopedia"

First contact with the Vulcans

Captain Spock is one of the more well known Vulcans who served in Starfleet

The USS Enterprise D, before it was lost, explored the galaxy

Newly appointed Ambassador Worf was the only full blooded Klingon to serve in Starfleet. He now is the Klingon Ambassador to the Federation

Admiral Ross and Captain Sisko led the attack on Cardassia Prime that ended the Dominion War

The Federation, Romulan, and Klingon forces engage the Dominion Alliance during the war

The USS Enterprise E, the sixth ship to bear the name, is the flag ship of Starfleet and is currently under the command of Captain Jean Luc Picard

Captain Jean Luc Picard commands the Federation flagship, the USS Enterprise E