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Roxann Dawson

Roxann Dawson is Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres on Star Trek: Voyager. B'Elanna is a beautiful young woman who is half-human, half Klingon. A former student at the Starfleet Academy, B'Elanna quit and joined the Maquis. "B'Elanna is strong willed, independent and confused," Roxann explains. "Caught between two worlds, she attempts to deny and suppress her powerful Klingon side."

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Roxann was a Theater Arts major at the University of California at Berkeley. The talented and attractive actress soon found her first acting stint nothing short of remarkable as she landed the role of Diana Morales in the Broadway production of "A Chorus Line."

Her theatrical credits continued as she performed in numerous plays as a member of the Circle Repertory Company. In addition to her work off Broadway in "The Tempest" for the Classic Stage Company, Roxann appeared in "Accelerando" at the American Contemporary Theater, among other regional theaters.

Roxann was a series regular in the NBC series Nightingales and The Round Table . Additionally, she had leading roles in USA Network's movies-of-the-week "Mortal Sins" and "Dirty Work", the NBC telefilm "Broken Angel" and the syndicated movie-of-the-week "Pointman." She has also guest starred in various television series including The Untouchables , Jack's Place and Equal Justice .

Roxann appeared in the feature film "Guilty By Suspicion" and the feature film, "Darkman II."

Roxann resides in Los Angeles with her husband, casting director Eric Dawson.


Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo plays The Doctor, a holographically projected computer program devised by Starfleet as the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH). When the Starship U.S.S. Voyager was catapulted to the Delta Quadrant, the human doctor aboard was killed, and the EMH was activated to become the ship's resident physician. The virtual doctor has since become a full-fledged member of the Voyager crew.

"The Doctor is programmed with state-of-the-art 24th Century medical information, but his bedside manner needs work," explains Picardo. "He can be arrogant, rude, impatient and slightly paranoid. I see him as a satire of managed health care."

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Picardo graduated from the William Penn Charter School. He then entered Yale University as a pre-med student, not aware he was destined to "play" doctor in primetime and on stage. Before his stint on Star Trek: Voyager, Picardo was Dr. Dick Richards on the award-winning Vietnam drama series China Beach. He also played Dr. McCaskill in the theater production "The Waiting Room" at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles.

While at Yale, Picardo landed a role in Leonard Bernstein's "Mass," a musical theater piece originally commissioned for the 1972 opening of the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. It was Bernstein himself who convinced Robert (and his parents) that he should pursue acting. He changed his major and graduated from Yale in 1974 with a B.A. in Drama, then enrolled at the Circle in the Square Professional Theater Workshop (whose other alumni include Kevin Bacon and Ken Olin). Robert had to pay his dues and wait tables for a couple of years, but then his theatrical work prospered in 1976 when he appeared in the David Mamet play "Sexual Perversity in Chicago," and with Diane Keaton in "The Primary English Class."

Picardo made his Broadway debut as the lead in the comedy hit "Gemini" with Danny Aiello. He went on to co-star with Jack Lemmon in Bernard Slade's "Tribute" on Broadway and in Los Angeles. His work in theater also includes "Beyond Therapy" and "Geniuses" at the Coronet Theater. Picardo won critical acclaim for his powerful performance in "The Normal Heart" at the Berkeley Repertory Theater, earning him a Dramalogue Award.

The awards and recognition continued as Robert became involved in television. He was nominated for an Emmy award for his role as Mr. Cutlip on the ABC series The Wonder Years, and he was awarded the Viewers for Quality Television Founder's Award for his outstanding performances in both The Wonder Years and China Beach.

Robert's extensive television credits include a starring role opposite Helena Bonham-Carter in the NBC movie-of-the-week "Fatal Deception: Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald." He also appeared in the HBO movies "The Second Civil War" and "White Mile," the Showtime movie "Menno's Mind," and the NBC mini-series "Deadly Matrimony." He had recurring roles on Home Improvement, L.A. Law and Alice, and has guest-starred in such series as Ally McBeal, Early Edition, ER, Tales From The Crypt, Amazing Stories, Benson, Taxi and Showtime's The Outer Limits. He lent his voice talent to ABC's Dinosaurs, and also starred as the voice of Pfish, the singing land shark, in the Cartoon Network's animated short "Pfish and Chips," part of the World Premiere 'Toons series.

In feature films, Picardo was seen in the DreamWorks comedy "Small Soldiers," as well as "Wagons East" (with John Candy), "Gremlins II," "Innerspace," "The Burbs," "Back to School," "Star 80," "Loverboy" and "The Howling." And, of course, he made a cameo appearance as the U.S.S. Enterprise-E's own EMH in "Star Trek: First Contact."

Robert has recently donned the director's hat by helming the Star Trek: Voyager episodes "Alter Ego" and "One Small Step." The latter episode--about Voyager's discovery of a lost command module from the first manned mission to Mars--is one that Robert is particularly proud of, because he is an active supporter of The Planetary Society, a space advocacy organization founded by Carl Sagan. Robert serves on the group's Advisory Council with the likes of Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke and Buzz Aldrin.

Robert resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Linda, and two daughters.


Ethan Phillips

Ethan Phillips stars as the Talaxian Neelix, a member of an alien race indigenous to the Delta Quadrant in UPN's Star Trek: Voyager. Neelix is a charming yet scraggly scavenger who acts as the ship's mess officer and budding ambassador. Phillips said about his character, "Neelix is a loner and a lover. He's manipulative and brave, emotional and silly. You might say he's an alien of many colors... an eccentric oddball who never ceases to amaze me."

Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Phillips grew up as the only boy of six children. He received a Jesuit education in New York, and attended Boston University where he graduated with a degree in English Literature. He went on to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree at Cornell University.

Phillips began his acting career in the theater, appearing in such Broadway and off-Broadway productions as "My Favorite Year" at Lincoln Center, "Measure for Measure" at the Delacorte, "Lips Together, Teeth Apart" at the Lucille Lortel, and "Modigliani" at the Astor Place. Phillips was in new productions for Playwrights Horizons, the Ensemble Studio Theatre, the Hudson Guild Theater and others, and has played leading roles for many of the major regional theaters around the country.

While he may have "cut his acting teeth" on stage, Phillips is perhaps best known for his extensive television work. Audiences will most likely remember him for his five seasons as Pete Downey, the governor's press aide on the hit television sitcom Benson (co-starring with Deep Space Nine's Rene Auberjonois). In addition, he had a recurring role in the nighttime drama Werewolf, and has guest-starred on numerous shows including NYPD Blue, L.A. Law, Murphy Brown, Chicago Hope, Law & Order, and HBO's historical drama about the Apollo program, From the Earth to the Moon. Phillips also appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation as the Ferengi Dr. Farek in the episode "Menage A Troi."

But Phillips is no stranger to feature films either. Star Trek fans recognized him in human form as a holographic nightclub maitre d' in "Star Trek: First Contact." He starred in the Tim Allen film "For Richer or Poorer," and appeared in the movie "Jeffrey" as a sexaholic attending a 12-step group meeting. In addition, Ethan can be seen in the movies "The Shadow," "Wagons East," "Man Without a Face," "Green Card," "Bloodhounds of Broadway," "Glory" and "Lean On Me," among others.

Besides acting in stage, television and movie projects, Ethan is also a playwright and an author. His original play, "Penguin Blues," was published by the Samuel French company and has been produced more than 150 times throughout the U.S. and Canada. In 1999, his "Star Trek Cookbook"--featuring Neelix on the cover--was published by Simon and Schuster. Ethan co-authored this book with William J. Birnes.

Ethan lives with his wife, Patricia Cresswell, and their West Highland terrier, Frank, in Los Angeles. In his spare time he is a devoted backpacker and rock climber, and fancies himself an amateur ornithologist and botanist. He dreams of someday hiking the Appalachian Trail from end to end.


Jeri Ryan

Jeri Ryan portrays Seven of Nine, a human who was assimilated by the Borg. When Captain Janeway severs Seven of Nine's link to the Borg Collective, she is forced to remain on the U.S.S. Voyager and adapt to human society. Now, as a crewmember of the U.S.S. Voyager, she must try to conform to Starfleet rules and regulations. "Seven of Nine is confused by the complexities of human interaction" Ryan explains. "Torn between her past as a Borg and her future as a human, Janeway plays an integral role in helping Seven of Nine adapt to her new reality."

Ryan, a self-admitted Army brat, grew up near bases ranging from Germany to Hawaii. She was born in Munich, Germany and after re-locating to bases in Kansas, Maryland, Georgia and Texas, her family settled down in Paduch, Kentucky when she was 11. After graduating from Northwestern University in Chicago as a National Merit Scholar with a B.S. in theater, she came to Los Angeles.

As a former series regular on NBC's Dark Skies, Ryan is no stranger to the world of science fiction. She portrayed Juliet, a mysterious government agent who helped in a secret program against hostile extraterrestrials. Prior to landing that role, she guest-starred on several television series including Matlock, Who's the Boss?, Murder, She Wrote, Reasonable Doubts and Diagnosis Murder. Additionally, Ryan appeared in two episodes of Melrose Place, as a lesbian soap opera actress who endured a staged marriage to a gay bridegroom.

Ryan's television experience also roles in a variety of telefilms including Coed Call Girl, Nightmare in Columbia County, NBC's In the Line of Duty: Ambush in Waco and UPN's The Sentinel. Her feature film credits include the independent films "The Last Man" and "Men Cry Bullets."

Ryan resides in the Los Angeles area with her four-year-old son, Alex.


Garrett Wang

Garrett Wang is Ops/Communication Officer Harry Kim on Star Trek: Voyager. A graduate of the Starfleet Academy, Harry boarded the Starship U.S.S. Voyager after a stellar academic career. While he embraces the challenges of space exploration as the crew travels through the unknown region of space known as the Delta Quadrant. "Kim is eager, personable and shows traces of a wry sense of humor, although he takes his job very seriously," Wang says, elaborately on his career.

Born in Riverside, California to Chinese immigrant parents, Wang spent his formative years on the move. He lived in Indiana, Bermuda and Tennessee. He moved to Los Angeles and attended UCLA where he majored in Asian Studies and dabbled in theater. He credits UCLA theater professor Jenny Roudtree as a key influence in his development as an actor. "Jenny was responsible for my first breakthrough," he explains. "She inspired me to go beyond the status quo."

Wang, in his first performance outside of college, garnered unprecedented critical acclaim for his portrayal of John Lee in the lead of Chay Yew's Porcelain at Burbage Theater. Despite a busy schedule, Garrett has continued to perform in various staged readings such as Model Minority for the Los Angeles Theater Center, Woman Warrior for the Mark Taper Forum and A Language of Their Own for the Intiman Theater.

Prior to joining the cast of Star Trek: Voyager, Garrett guest starred in the premiere episode of the ABC series All American Girl starring Margaret Cho. "I believe that I now have a huge responsibility in being one of a very small number of Asian Americans appearing on television regularly," Wang explains. "My goal now is to do the best job possible playing Harry Kim and to begin repaying my parents for the unaccountable financial support they have given me throughout the years."

Wang recently appeared in two independent feature films Ivory Towers and Hundred Percent. In 1997, he was named one of the "50 Most Beautiful People" by People magazine. Additionally, E! Entertainment Television has selected Garrett as on of the "20 Coolest Bachelors" in the country.


For the first three seasons of Star Trek: Voyager, Jennifer Lien starred as Kes, a beautiful, young Ocampa who came aboard the starship with her lover, Neelix, and helped him run the Mess Hall. With her inquisitive mind and intelligence, Kes soon became an apprentice and friend to the fussy, pragmatic Holographic Doctor. During the fourth season's second episode, Kes transcended physical form as her advanced mental abilities mushroomed and in the process sent her crewmates 9,500 lightyears closer to home.

Commenting on why she was attracted to the role, Jennifer said: "Kes is wise and courageous while possessing an innocence. Being aboard the starship has proven to be a great adventure and the opportunity for development is enormous."

Born and raised in Illinois, Jennifer knew early on that she wanted to act. Encouraged by an English teacher along with a drama teacher, she began performing in summer theater and festivals at the age of 13. She cut her teeth on roles in Shakespeare's "The Tempest" and "Othello" before moving on to more contemporary dramatic and musical theater. Additionally, she guest starred on an episode of the Oprah Winfrey series Brewster Place .

At 16, Jennifer was hired by Another World and moved to New York to portray the newly-created character of Hannah, a misfit orphan, on the NBC daytime drama. She remained with the show for a year and a half, then gave her face a rest and put her voice to work. She can be heard on Saturday Night Live regular Adam Sandler's comedy album, has guest-voiced on The Critic , and even dubbed lines in the English version of the French Miramax film "Baby Blood."

Back before the camera, she landed the role of Roanne in the ABC series Phenom , and appeared in the short independent film trailer "The Hairy Bird."