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Voyager Ship Specs
Star Trek's Future On Television



An Intrepid-class vessel capable of holding 200 crew members, the U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 is one of the fastest and jhgfhfgVoyager is the second of only four Intrepid-class starships hgOn stardate 48307.5, Voyager was pulled over 70,000 light-hthfhe Badlands area near Deep Space Nine by an h"Caretaker." The alien had been searching fhghhthe galaxy for a compatible life-form with which to procreate.

Voyager's assigned first officer Cavitt, helmsman Stadi, chief engineer, agfhfgnd fhchief and other crewmembers. Its original hnot call for a counselor to be assigned.

Voyager isgfhhfghgf currently en route from the Delta quadrant to hat maximum speed, however, the journey may take up to seventy years.

Voyager's folding wing-and-nacelle warp drive system allows the Starhfghhfgship to exceed hfghfgtfghe warp 5 "speed limit" ghspace continuum. Voyager can reach a speed of warp 9.975, but only for short periods.

Its EPS system and back-up have been totally modified to employ Enaran phohfgwer-conservation technology; power relays on some decks now employfgh Borg technology. It carried 152 people as of SD 48975.1; Chakotay doesn't befgieve it can be operated with less than 100. Reference: Caretaker, Part I