Dragonball Z Storyline
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DRAGONBALL Z THE SAGA BEGINS........................................................................................

Dragonball Z is a great show, but not without it's past. Dragonball Z is the child show of "Dragonball", released in America in 1995(I believe). It was sindicated on weekends, and did very badly. I believe they only dubbed the first 10 episodes, before it bombed. Dragonball was the tale About Son Goku, a young boy(yes, the same Goku in DBZ, just as a child) who was on a mystical quest to find the 7 dragonballs. Goku was joined by Bulma, Nimbus(the cloud), Yamcha, Oolong and Purr. Other DbZ characters were introduced later in the series, but never in Dubbed videos--they never got that far--Such as Tien, Krylin, and Chaozu. Of course, Master Roshi was in it to, but he didn't really adventure with them. In Dragonball, there is a villian, Piccolo. He is an old Namek(Green skined fellows), and looks kinda like kami, except Evil. There is a picture with him in the gallery. At the End of Dragonball, Goku is a Teenager/adult, and fights Piccolo(old) in a final match, and defeates him. Before Piccolo dies, his coughs an egg with now a day Piccolo in it. The style of fighting used in the last episodes is the basis of Dragonball Z, same kind of fighting style.
*This is kinda important too, I will refere to Saga's(ex. Raditz Saga), these are all the episodes that contained the battle with that main villian, and possible episodes leading up to that. Here are the name of the Saga's I'll use, I'll add new ones as we hit them:

Raditz Saga - first 4-5 epsidoes, containing the battle against Raditz, Goku's brother.
The Saiyan Saga / Vegita Saga - About eps. 5-27 or so, the Battles against Nappa and Vegita, including the training with King Kia.
The Frezza Saga - The Episodes containing the jurney to namek, and the villians they meet there(which I won't say yet).

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