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Thanks to Masa Shirako
-The "Pokédex" was written by a Pokémon researcher named Nishinomori the 5th ("Westwood V" might be his US
name...) and his fore fathers, later he figures out that the reason a Slowpoke and a Shellder combines to evolve into a
Slowbro is because of symbiosis. A double shell Shellder will become a spiral shell Shellder when it attaches to the tail
of a Slowbro, increasing the balance of the Slowbro allowing it to walk up right. Now the Slowbro can use it hands and
the spiral Shellder can travel on land. Jesse will catch and lose her Shellder in this episode.

-Mewtwo IS shown briefly in the episode where Ash goes back home, it shows the Rockets going back to the Rocket
HQ and they see the base destroyed by Mewtwo. After that it shows Sakaki's (Giovanni's) face!

-The other two Trainers from Pallet Town won't make it to the League.

- Gary has a Doduo and of course his large Krabby.

-Well, I already knew the group had a Lapras, but thanks to Masa for pointing out that Ash has the Lapras. He'll need
to ride it to get around the archipelagos to get the Orange League Badges.

-Before the Pokemon League Battle Ash will have 8 Badges while Gary will have 10 badges. Also, Ash has seen at least
100 types of Pokémon and only caught a few, while Gary has seen 60 tyes and caught at least 200.

-Ash's mom's name in Japanese in Hanako.

-Todd will appear in a few more episodes.

-Togepi uses its Psychic powers to save Ash and the gang at one occasion.

-Misty will probably not evolve Psyduck, maybe...in an episode, she thinks that Psyduck evolved to Golduck, because
Psyduck somehow disappeared and out came a Golduck. Later, she finds out that Psyduck didn't evolve and the
Golduck only helped her because he liked pretty girls.

-Ash will get all 8 Badges before Gary and will brag about it a lot.

-Ash catches a Snorlax in a future episode.

-The reasons why some episodes were taken off the air in America. One of the episodes where Ash and the gang went
to the beach, Acopocuo, or however it's spelt, Ash met his mom and Professor Oak there. Then there was a part where
James wore a body suit to enhance his breast size. That's not meant for young children to see here in America. Hey,
they cut out Gohan's butt crack in DBZ, so showing enhanced breasts are bad. Another episode has had a violent gun
shot from the Warden from the Safari Zone. I believe he shot it at Ash and the others. I really have no idea why that
was cut out, I mean, what's so bad about a gun shot? We hear about it everyday in the news with someone shooting
someone...Another episode was the infamous seizure episode, which got hundreds of kids in Japan seizures. The other
two are dealing with Children's Day and Girl's Day. I don't know why they were cut out, nothing is bad in them, but I
guess America decided to keep them out due to the fact that Children's Day and Girl's Day are more of a Japanese
holiday, and it shouldn't count as one in America...That's dumb because all you have to do is be nice to the children on
Children's Day and girls on Girl's Day, well, that's what we do in Hawaii.

-Ash wins his 7th Badge from Blaine in a battle between Charizard and Blaine's Magmar.

-Ash, Misty, and Brock will journey back to Cerulean and participate in some sort of ballerina thing, but Team Rocket
arrives. The Seel from the episode where Ash won his 2nd Badge fights off Team Rocket and evolves into a Dewgong.
It defeats Team Rocket with help from Pikachu.

-A Mr. Mime will live with Ash's family in their house.

-Brock is going to leave Ash for good to actually DO his Pokémon Breeder goal and will research with a girl Professor
on an island with Pokémon that will be shown in Gold and Silver. Replacing him will be Kenji, a boy that is a Trainer.

-Kenji currently has a Mariru and Scyther.

-More Badges! More GYMs! But this time, Pokémon don't battle, they use their techniques like Surf and stuff.

-Ash never evolves Pikachu.

-Most of the Pokémon Ash, Misty, and Brock have will hardly evolve. The only Pokémon I know that will evolve later
on is Pidgeotto, who will evolve into Pidgeot when Ash is back in Pallet and gets into trouble with a Fearow. The
Fearow is the Spearow from Episode 1, the one which Ash threw the rock at. A bunch of Pidgeys arrive to help out Ash
and Pidgeotto evolves then. Soon a bunch of Spearows come too and the Pidgeys and Spearows battle. Of course the
Pidgeys come out victoriuos, but the Spearows and Fearow may be back to terrorize the Pidgeys, and Ash's Pidgeot
wants to stay with them to help out, so Ash loses his Pidgeot.

-Ash and Gary will never battle. Along with that, we will never ever see what Pokémon Gary has, but it has to either be
a Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle because if you remember from Episode 1, those three were taken by Gary and 2
other Trainers. Plus, if you remember from Episode 4, the Samurai's Challenge, the samurai talked about meeting three
Trainers from Pallet, and one of them had to be Gary. I have heard that he has an Eevee, this may be true because Gary
uses an Eevee as his starting Pokémon in the Yellow version.

-The actual Pokémon series ends at Episode 83. Episode 83 and above are dealing with the introduction to Pokémon
Gold and Silver.

-Ash gets a new rival named Hiroshi, his name will be changed in America. Hiroshi is a nicer guy than Gary because
Ash seems to like Hiroshi more, and they even hang out together, plus Hiroshi has a Pikachu too.

-Ash will be ranked #16 in the Pokémon League.

-Ash will actually use Muk and Krabby. Once Ash uses Krabby, it'll evolve into a Kingler when Ash uses it in his first
League Battle in the water and and Muk will be used in the Pokémon League to defeat a powerful Bellsprout.


-That new movie, Revalation Lugia, probably will feature Houou, the bird Ash saw in the end of the first episode, along
with Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Yadoking, and Elekid. It looks like there will be new characters, and the possible plot is
that the new characters are trying to hunt all of the birds. Oh, I forgot the possible star Pokémon, Pika...err Lugia.

Thanks to Sailor Endor
-Togepi is rumored as an unevolved Houou.

Thanks to ZeekSlider
-Neither Ash or Gary catch all 150, but Ash may see all 150.

-Ash may catch an Articuno.

-Misty may let Psyduck go. As a result, Psyduck gets a headache and evolves into Golduck when Misty is gone.

-Hiroshi may be re-named either Clint, Andrew, Greg, Alex, or Sedrick.

-Misty will get Jigglypuff when it joins the group.

-Ash, Hiroshi, and Gary will all fight against the Elite Four. Hiroshi loses against the 2nd Trainer (Probably Bruno), Gary
loses against the 4th Trainer (Probably Lance), and of course, Ash beats them.

-After Hiroshi is introduced, Ash and him may hold Pokémon Spars.

-Ash and Gary become friends. It is said that they were friends in their childhood, so they may re-new it.

-Ash and Misty kiss, plus Ash finally gets Misty a bike.

-Ash's dad will be revealed near the end of the series. Some say Ash's dad lives with him already, but he is just never
shown. Well, if he does live with them, why the heck isn't he in the video game.

-Ash gets Primeape back from Anthony.

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