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Hey, if you ever like don't want to put both of them in, you can always just
save the later one for the next issue. Or could put neither of them
in.....whatever! Thanks for what you've done so far...Michelle
Laurence once again read the message he had been given by Krissy. His
Zapdos, a hatchling, fluttered above him. It landed on his shoulder. He
stopped in the woods, reaching into his pocket.
"You are my only DECENT pokemon," he muttered at the Zapdos.
The message was in his mother's tight handwriting. Ash,
We have what you're after. Marty is here.
We'll kill him, you know Team Rocket will.
If you want him, you'll have to make us a deal.
Leave your message back to us on your doorstep.
We'll pick it up.
"Mother, you're a genius," he laughed, slipping the note back in his pocket.
Laurence was a Team Rocket in training, his mother and father both Rockets.
They were successfully holding Ash's cousin for ransom, and he was in charge
in delivering the news to Ash. He was proud of his new responsibility. He
started off again, the Zapdos flapping his wings rapidly to keep up with his
Master's brisk pace.
Laurence reached the river blocking the path to the Unknown Dungeon. Ash
lived near the entrance. Of course, only pokemon masters could enter, and
there were no boats around to steal. He wagged his finger at his Zapdos. It
flew in close, no larger then Laurence's head.
"Zappy, I need you to do me a favor." The bird pokemon's long beak was
almost touching his nose. "See that cave on the other side of the river?
Next to the entrance of it, there's this house." He placed the message in
his talons. "Put this message on the door step, ring the bell, and fly away
back to me. Can you do that?"
Before he could even finish his sentence, the fledgling was fluttering over
the river.
Laurence imagined Ash's reaction to the note. He'd open the door, read the
last few sentences of it, hit something really hard, and then he'd join Team
Rocket! Of course, that was thinking too far in the future.
But what if Ash actually came and attacked their hideout? He didn't know
where it was, and there was no way he'd find out.
..Team Rocket is too smart for you, Ash..
The Zapdos returned, little shocks fluttering off it's wings.
"Good job, buddy. I'll race ya!" The two ran threw the trees, heading back
to the hideout. * * *
A young man, about seventeen, exited his small cottage. He had heard his
doorbell ring, but he had been in the shower. He had yelled for the guest to
enter, figuring it to be either Brock or Misty, but no one did. He glanced
around. No people.
Fame had taken it's toll on the man, being cast a star at his young age. All
the reporters wanted a piece of him, being one of the youngest pokemon
masters in the world. He was discovering so many new things about pokemon
species every day. So many people wanted what he had, but he'd give it all
away in a heartbeat.
He was tall, though he had been short as a child. He had fine black hair
that was in spiky tufts. His face was round, which seemed to frame his brown
He walked outside of the house. The grey line of the Unknown Dungeon cast a
silvery glow on the trees with the morning's light. He knew the Unknown
Dungeon like his second home.
He turned back to the house and stepped on his front step. The teen picked
up his foot to see a squished piece of paper.
"Odd," he muttered. He tried his best to unwrinkle it.
Silently, he read the message.
"" He shook his head, trying not to lose his head.
He walked back in the house, already forming a plan.
* * *
Laurence and the bird were soon back at the hut. (for previous chapters,
contact the author at horserider2003)"Laurence, darling? How did it go?"
"Just fine! Message was delivered to Ash. Why is the kid unbound?" Laurence
looked at the black-haired boy, slumping his back on the cooler. His head
was in his knees. This boy was worth gold, he knew.
The boy looked up. "I'm sick." His face was white.
"Yuck! Keep him away!" he squeeled.
"No, no, darling. He has these burns, and they've opened back up from the
ropes. They're just hurting him, that's all. We can't have him bleeding all
over, now can we?"
"No, mother," Laurence muttered. The Zapdos settled on his shoudler as
Laurence walked into his room.
Davin was seated at the computer chair, staring at the white shell of a boy.
His head was back down in his knees again, and he was breathing heavily.
"You know," swallowing a bit of sandwich, "if he's going to get all infected
and burned on us, maybe we should just forget about it. I mean, it isn't
worth the trouble."Krissy answered quickly, "Oh no no. He'll be fine."
Marty wasn't so sure. The burns seemed to have a renewed strength then
before. Each movement was like getting stung by bees. The ropes had
irritated the flesh and had opened them up again, showing raw skin for the
first time in days. It had hurt before, but not like this. He wondered how
much longer he could stand it. * * *
Brock, Misty, and Ash were all seated at one table, staring at eachother in
deep thought. The two had arrived at Ash's cottage, and were recovering from
an argument they had just had. It was just like old times.
Ash, who had been studying the message,looked up. "You know, I still don't
see why you guys came here in the first place. I may be the youngest, but I
do know what I'm doing."
Misty and Brock answered at the same time, "No you don't."
Brock continued, "You would've ran off like some super hero off of some
cartoon and tried to rescue him all by yourself. I hate to break it to you,
but you aren't THAT wonderful. The press may think so, but just as stubborn
as the day I met you. I thought you would've grown out of it by now."
Ash was continuiously having flashbacks of them being seven years younger.
But he was too stubborn to drop the argument. For a fleeting second, it felt
to him like the three were siblings.
Misty planted her feet on the wood table, making a loud thud. "How are we
going to find them anyway? Marty is probably off in some hide out by now."
Ash smiled. "I already have that planned, gentlemen. Notice here, the slight
burn marks on the paper."
Brock grabbed it. "These are..the burn marks of a fledgling Zapdos."
Misty leaned forward. "Hello? Stupid water and rock pokemon trainer over
here! Someone fill me in!"
Ash leaned to her. "Ok. See these marks? They have small zigzag marks if you
look close. But they aren't large, they're small. Those small thunder bolts
are only given off when a fledgling Zapdos flies."
Misty nodded. She cocked her head, still confused. "But how does that help us?"
Ash told them, "A nest of Zapdoses is all the way up in the Route 6 woods.
They must've caught it from around there. So-"
Brock finished, "So if we find the nest, we find the hideout.""Exactly."
Misty stood up. "What are we waiting for? We have to move!"
Misty and Brock, the two rudest guests Ash had had in a while, zoomed out
the door. Shaking his head, he shut the cottage door behind him.


Pocket Monsters - Mewtwo Strikes Back

Warning: This is a movie spoiler. Do not read unless you want to know just about everything that happens in this movie.

I never saw the movie but I have read a movie comic. It's in Japanese so this might not be completely accurate.
Everything is black.....then water bubbles rise to the surface showing that the setting is underwater. Suddenly you see a streak of white. It's Mew, the legendary Pokemon everyone wants. The Mew is flying toward a mountain. The image disappears. A strange creature wakes up from it's dream. All you can see is it's eye. The creature appears to be floating in the tank. Then the image zooms out, revealing that the creature is a Pokemon, Mewtwo! Mewtwo is in some sort of tank filled with water. Surprised at its location, Mewtwo uses its psychic abilities to destroy the tank. Some scientists standing nearcy turn around surprised. The scientists celebrate. It seems that their experiment was a success. They have managed to geneticly engineer a the legendary Pokemon, Mew and transformed it into Mewtwo. Mewtwo stares at its hands wondering what has happened to it. Mewtwo attacks the scientists and destroys the lab its in. After some time, Mewtwo is standing in the remains of the lab. A strange man approaches it. The man is Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. Giovanni speaks to Mewtwo and takes him back to his lab. Mewtwo is hooked up to a virtual reality thing to test its power.

Mewtwo successfully completes the simulation, defeating a herd of Tauros and a Nidoking and Arcanine. Giovanni speaks to Mewtwo some more and then Mewtwo destroys the virtual reality machine and escapes from Giovanni's place. Mewtwo flys away and lands, thinking about what to do next.

Next you see Ash, Brock, Misty, and Pikachu sitting down for a picnic outside on a sunny day. A weird looking guy comes to Ash and challenges him to a Pokemon match. Ash accepts and easily beats his Golem, Machamp, and other strong Pokemon using only his first stage Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu. Then Ash sits down for a meal with his friends. Team Rocket spies on Ash. A Fearow flies high above the group with a camera on its neck. Giovanni is using the Fearow to spy on Ash. Next a Dragonite messenger flies from Giovanni's tower and flies full speed to Ash, nearly hitting Team Rocket. The Dragonite hands Ash a card (I think its an invitation). Ash looks at the card on on the card is two checkboxes, Yes and No. Ash marks yes. Dragonite takes the card back and flies back to Giovanni's tower. On the way, Dragonite runs into Team Rocket. Still mad from when Dragonite nearly hit them, Team Rocket uses a frying pan (I think) and hits Draonite over the head with it. Dragonite drops Ash's invitation and Team Rocket examines it. Next you see a sleeping Mew underwater in a bubble. Mew wakes up and flies into the sky.

Next you see Ash, Misty, and Brock at a strange place with lots of other Pokemon trainers probably invited by Giovanni. Officer Jenny and another woman with blue hair is blocking a door. They talk for a while and then the setting switches to an outdoor place. There is an ocean and its storming. The Pokemon trainers ride their Pokemon over the ocean. A boat with the crew of Team Rocket disguised takes Ash, Brock, and Misty. Later a wave washes over the boat and Team Rocket loses their diguises. Jesse and James start saying the Team Rocket motto but everyone is washed overboard.

Our heroes use their Pokemon to swim to the surface. They arrive at a strange tower and a woman greets them. They are taken to a room with other Pokemon trainers. Jesse and James are also at this tower and are exploring. Back to Ash, Misty and Brock. They are talking to some other trainers and looking at their Pokemon when suddenly Mewtwo appears. Mewtwo attacks one of the trainers. The trainer has Gyarados use Hyper Beam on Mewtwo. Mewtwo reflects Hyper Beam back at Gyarados who faints. Next you see Team Rocket walking through some halls. They arrive at a lab where Pokemon are in some tubes. Then a strange machine does something to Meowth. Then one of the tubes is suddenly filled with a clone of Meowth. Back to out heroes. Pikachu tries attacking Mewtwo but gets knocked back. Ash catches it. Next a bunch of Pokemon attack Mewtwo but get beaten. Then Mewtwo summons some of its clone Pokemon. Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise. Ash and some other trainers send out the same Pokemon to fight. All the real Pokemon get beaten by the cloned ones. Then Mewtwo throws some black Pokeballs at all the Pokemon, which kidnaps them and sends them to the cloning lab.

Ash saves Pikachu and his other Pokemon. In the cloning lab, there are a bunch of Pokemon in tubes. The leave the tubes and go to where Mewtwo is. Ash leads the real Pokemon and Mewtwo leads the clones. Then the Pokemon start fighting eachother, the real ones fighting the clones. Ash tries to punch Mewtwo but Mewtwo uses an attack on Ash that makes him fly back. Ash nearly hits the wall but a bubble appears that catches him. Mew created the bubble and starts fighting Mewtwo. Next Team Rocket comes and watches the Pokemon fight. Meowth meets his clone but they don't fight. They start talking. Then Pikachu sees its clone but doesn't attack. They do Thundershock on eachother but don't get damaged. The Pikachu clone starts beating the real Pikachu with its paws. Ash arrives just in time to see Pikachu fall to the ground. Ash runs to Pikachu just as Mew and Mewtwo shoot incredible balls of energy at eachother. Ash is caught in the crossfire. Ash falls to the ground, turned to stone. Pikachu tries to wake Ash. Pikachu tries shocking Ash but nothing works. Pikachu starts crying. Then all the Pokemon stop fighting and cry. The tears go to Ash and the stone goes away. Ash hugs Pikachu. Then Mewtwo decides not to fight anymore and takes his clone Pokemon with him. Mew goes with Mewtwo. Then everyone talks some more. At the end, you see Team Rocket on an island, laughing at something.

The End

UPDATE! This update comes courtesy of Micheal Robinson, completely unedited!

Actually in the movie & mostly in the manga, this is what happens:

Mewtwo is a clone of Mew, who curious of why he was created destoryed his birth lab & later Team Rocket HQ. Afterwards he remained undercover for his plan for revenge, & that is using a machine he made to create stronger clones of Pokemon(you know who there are).

The moral is the as Frankenstein, never play god, unless you know what you're doing is the right thing.


Pokemon 1-30 Number Name Type Location
001 Bulbasaur Grass/Poison Choose it at the beginning of the game
002 Ivysaur " The evolved form of 001 Bulbasaur
003 Venusaur " The evolved form of 002 Ivysaur
004 Charmander Fire Get it from Prof. Oak at the beginning of the game.
005 Charmeleon " The evolved form of 004 Charmander
006 Charizard " The evolved form of 005 Charmeleon
007 Squirtle Water Get it from Prof. Oak at the beginning of the game.
008 Wartortle " The evolved form of 007 Squirtle
009 Blastoise " The evolved form of 008 Wartortle
010 Caterpie Bug Viridian Forest
011 Metapod Bug Viridian Forest
012 Butterfree Flying/Bug Evolved from 11 Metapod
013 Weedle Bug/Poison Route 25
014 Kakuna Bug/Poison Route 25
015 Beedrill Bug/Poison Evolved from 014 Kakuna
016 Pidgey Normal/Flying All over the place. Check the beginning.
017 Pidgeotto Normal/Flying Evolved from 016 Pidgey
018 Pidgeot Normal/Flying Evolved from 017 Pidgeotto
019 Rattata Normal Very common
020 Raticate Normal Evolved from 019 Rattata
021 Spearow Normal/Flying Very common
022 Fearow Normal/Flying Evolved from 021 Spearow
023 Ekans Poison In red pack. Route 4, 9, 8, 11
024 Arbok Poison Evolved from 023 Ekans
025 Pikachu Electric Veridian Forest
026 Raichu Electric Use a Thunderstone on 025 Pikachu. Or in the Power Plant.
027 Sandshrew Ground Route 4, 8, 9, 11
028 Sandslash Ground Evolved from 027 Sandshrew
029 Nidoran(Female) Poison Safari Zone
030 Nidorina Poison Evolved from 029 Nidoran(Female) Also in Safari Zone.
Pokemon 31-60 Number Name Type Location
031 Nidoqueen Poison/Ground Use Moonstone on 030 Nidorina
032 Nidoran (Male) Poison Safari Zone or Route 22 (left of Cerulean City)
033 Nidorino Poison Evolved form of 032 Nidoran(Male)/Safari Zone
034 Nidoking Poison/Ground Use Moonstone on 033 Nidorino
035 Clefairy Normal Mt. Moon or Exchange Corner in Celadon City
036 Clefable Normal Use Moonstone on 035 Clefairy
037 Vulpix Fire Pokemon Mansion in Cinnabar Island or Route 7 or 8
038 Ninetales Fire Use Firestone on 037 Vulpix
039 Jigglypuff Normal Route 3
040 Wigglytuff Normal Use Moonstone on 039 Jigglypuff
041 Zubat Poison/Flying Caves such as Mt. Moon
042 Golbat Poison/Flying Victory Road (in the cave area)
043 Oddish Grass/Poison Red Pak only. Routes 5,6,7,25
044 Gloom Grass/Poison Evolved form of 043 Oddish
045 Vileplume Grass/Poison Use Leafstone on 044 Gloom
046 Paras Bug/Grass Safari Zone/Mt. Moon
047 Parasect Bug/Grass Evolved form of 046 Paras. Safari Zone
048 Venonat Bug/Poison Safari Zone/Routes 12,13,14,15
049 Venomoth Bug/Poison Safari Zone/Victory Road Cave
050 Diglett Ground Diglett's Cave(duh...) It's close to Vermillion City
051 Dugtrio Ground Evolved form of 050 Diglett/Diglett's Cave (Very rare!)
052 Meowth Normal Blue Pak only. Routes 5,6,7,8
053 Persian Normal Blue Pak only. Evolved form of 052 Meowth
054 Psyduck Water Cinnabar Islands/Route 24,25
055 Golduck Water Evolved form of 054 Psy duck/Cinnabar Islands
056 Mankey Fighting Red Version only. Routes 5,6,7,8
057 Primeape Fighting Evolved form of 056 Mankey
058 Growlithe Fire Red Version only. Pokemon Mansion
059 Arcanine Fire Use Firestone on 058 Growlithe
060 Poliwag Water Cerulean City, Vermillion City, Route 22
Pokemon 61-90 Number Name Type Location
061 Poliwhirl Water Evolved form of 060 Poliwag. Try fishing on Route 9
062 Poliwrath Water/Fighting Use Waterstone on 061 Poliwhirl
063 Abra Psychic Routes 24,25
064 Kadabra Psychic Evolved form of 063 Abra
065 Alakazam Psychic Trade 064 Kadabra
066 Machop Fighting Victory Route and Rock Tunnel
067 Machoke Fighting Evolved form of 066 Machop. Victory Road
068 Machamp Fighting Trade 067 Machoke
069 Bellsprout Grass/Poison Blue Pak only. Routes 5,6,7,8.
070 Weepinbell Grass/Poison Evolved form of 069 Bellsprout
071 Victreebel Grass/Poison Use Leafstone on 070 Weepinbell
072 Tentacool Water/Poison The Sea Route/fish on Route 12
073 Tentacruel Water/Poison Evolved form of 072 Tentacool
074 Geodude Rock/Ground Mt. Moon
075 Graveler Rock/Ground Evolved form of 074 Geodude
076 Golem Rock/Ground Trade 075 Graveler
077 Ponyta Fire Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Islands
078 Rapidash Fire Evolved form of 077 Ponyta
079 Slowpoke Water/Psychic Sea Route
080 Slowbro Water/Psychic Evolved form of 079 Slowpoke
081 Magnemite Electric Power Plant.
082 Magneton Electric Evolved form of 081 Magnemite
083 Farfetch'd Normal/Flying Trade a Spearow to the person in the house left of the shop in Vermillion City.
084 Doduo Normal/Flying Route 17 and Safari Zone
085 Dodrio Normal/Flying Evolved form of 084 Doduo
086 Seel Water Sea Route
087 Dewgong Water/Ice Evolved form of 086 Seel
088 Grimer Poison Pokemon Mansion
089 Muk Poison Evolved form of 088 Grimer. Also in the Pokemon Mansion
090 Shellder Water sea Route
Pokemon 91-120 Number Name Type Location
091 Cloyster Water/Ice Use Waterstone on 090 Shellder
092 Gastly Ghost/Poison Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town
093 Haunter Ghost/Poison Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town
094 Gengar Ghost/Poison Trade 093 Haunter
095 Onix Rock/Ground Mt. Moon and Victory Road
096 Drowzee Psychic Route 11
097 Hypno Psychic Drowzee at lvl 26
098 Krabby Water Fish just about anywhere (too many locations to list
099 Kingler Water Seafoam Islands or Krabby at lvl 28
100 Voltorb Electric Power Plant, Route 9
101 Electrode Electric Power Plant or Voltorb at lvl 30
102 Exeggcute Grass/Psychic Safari Zone
103 Exeggutor Grass/Psychic Use Leafstone on 102 Exeggcute
104 Cubone Ground Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town
105 Marowak Ground Marowak at lvl 28
106 Hitmonlee Fighting Choose between Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan in the small gym in Saffron City
107 Hitmonchan Fighting Choose between Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan in the small gym in Saffron City
108 Lickitung Normal Route 18
109 Koffing Poison Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar
110 Weezing Poison Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar
111 Rhyhorn Ground/Rock Safari Zone
112 Rhydon Ground/Rock Rhydon at lvl 42
113 Chansey Normal Safari Zone and the Mewtwo cave.
114 Tangela Grass On the way up from Cinnabar to Pallet, there's a patch of grass on the water. Look there.
115 Kangaskhan Normal Safari Zone
116 Horsea Water Sea Route
117 Seadra Water Horsea at lvl 32
118 Goldeen Water You won't have any trouble. Just fish everywhere.
119 Seaking Water Goldeen at lvl 33
120 Staryu Water Sea Route
Pokemon 121-150 Number Name Type Location
121 Starmie Water/Psychic Use Waterstone on 120 Staryu
122 Mr. Mime Psychic You go past the Diglet cave, then go to a house due south. Trade with the person in the house.
123 Scyther Bug/Flying Safari Zone (Red Version only)
124 Jynx Ice/Psychic In one of the houses in Cerulean City there's a person who wants to trade a Poliwhirl
125 Electabuzz Electric Power Plant (Red Version only
126 Magmar Fire Pokemon Mansion (Blue Version only)
127 Pinsir Bug Safari Zone (Blue Version only)
128 Tauros Normal Safari Zone
129 Magikarp Water Fish on Routes 12,13,17,18
130 Gyarados Water/Flying Get Magikarp to lvl 20
131 Lapras Water/Ice In Saffron City in Silph Co. after beating your rival talk to the guy that's in the same room and he'll give you a Lapras
132 Ditto Normal Routes 13,14,15
133 Eevee Normal The Mansion in Celadon City. Do through the back door
134 Vaporeon Water Use Waterstone on 133 Eevee
135 Jolteon Electric Use Thunderstone on 133 Eevee
136 Flareon Fire Use Firestone on 133 Eevee
137 Porygon Normal Buy Porygon at the Celadon City Exchange Corner
138 Omanyte Rock/Water Bring a Helix Fossil to the lab on Cinnabar and the scientist will resurrect Omanyte
139 Omastar Rock/Water Omanyte at lvl 40
140 Kabuto Rock/Water Bring a Dome Fossil to the lab on Cinnabar and the scientist will resurrect Kabuto
141 Kabutops Rock/Water Kabuto at lvl 40
142 Aerodactyl Rock/Flying Bring the Amber to the lab on Cinnabar and the scientist will resurrect Aerodactyl. Get the Amber at the Pewter City Museum.
143 Snorlax Normal You'll find this no matter what. Just make sure to catch it
144 Articuno Ice/Flying Seafoam Island. It's hard to find so try doing stuff with the white rocks and dropping into the holes.
145 Zapdos Electric/Flying At the end of the Power Plant
146 Moltres Fire/Flying Victory Road
147 Dratini Dragon Fish in the Safari Zone. Hard to find! Use a Super Rod
148 Dragonair Dragon Dratini at lvl 30
149 Dragonite Dragon/Flying Dragonair at lvl 55
150 Mewtwo Psychic North of Cerulean go to the water and swim to a cave entrance. Mewtwo is on the lowest level
151 Mew Psychic Mew is not in the American version. "Pokemon Walkthrough"

You start off as a beginning minor trainer when playing the red or the blue version, or Ash in the Pikachu (yellow) version. You start off in your own house*. In order to start the real game; you would have to get a pokemon first. So walk to the field up North, but you obviously you won't get every far. The professor will bring you back to his lab and let you choose between Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle** (or if playing the Pikachu version, you automatically get a Pikachu.) Before you set off to your journey, you will have to accept the challenge from Gary*** (or whatever you name him at the beginning of the game.) After that, no matter you win or not, you can proceed.
*The woman downstairs (which is your character's mother) act as the nurse in
Pallet town
**Charmander is quite a good choice when starting, because it is a fire pokemon
and most pokemons are not very strong against fire. Choosing Squirtle might
give you a problem when trying to defeat grass pokemons, but will help you a lot
when battling against the first gym leader that uses rock pokemons. Bulbasaur
will be a great help when fighting the second gym leader
*** He will choose the pokemon that is good against your pokemon (i.e. if you
choose Bulbasaur, he will choose Charmander)

To the North on your way to Veridian city, you will cross some small fields where many wild pokemons* will challenge you. Along the way, talk to the people. One of them will give you a potion. There is a pokemon center** where your pokemon can get treatments of their wounds. Now go to the poke-shop. The cashier will give you an item to deliver to the professor. When the item is delivered, the professor will give you a "Pokedex" which will give you the information on the pokemon you caught and the picture of the pokemon you've seen. To get a town map, go to Gary's house (at the right of your own) and talk to his sister. Then proceed again to the North.
*These wild pokemons includes Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, and Nidoran (male and
**There is a pokemon center in every town, and in the it there is a computer that
allows you to store pokemons and other tools

When you get to Veridian city, this time you are able to buy things from the poke-shop. In order to catch pokemons*, you will have to buy "Pokeballs" from the shop first. And make sure you buy some potions if you are a big fan of that. To the west of Veridian city is the way to the pokemon league (but until you've won all 8 badges, you won't get very far) and right after you've crossed the first field, you will see Gary again. There it will challenge you with pokemons at about level 8. So if you trained your pokemons to be above level 8, you will have a very big chance to win**. After battling with Gary, you might want to walk a little more to the west, because there are a few more different pokemons around**.
*To catch pokemons, you will have to weaken them with your own pokemon
first, then throw a pokeball at it. And you can only carry 6 pokemons at a time
**Remember that if you loose to a battle with a challenger or you as the
challenger, you will loose half of your money, but if you win, you will gain
some money
***There are Mankeys in the Pikachu version, and none in the Green version

There is a gym in Veridian city, but at the moment it is empty. So you should proceed to the North. Thru the house, you will get to the Veridian Forest where many different bug pokemons are located*. There is a man lying on the ground blocking your way, but he'll move when you talk to him. Look at the tree next to the man; it will give you a booster shot. There are also some challengers along the way too. There are 2 items (which looked like a ball) along the way, pick it up 'cuz this is a potion that will recover your pokemon for up to 20HP. The exit of the Veridian Forest to Pewter city is on the Northwest corner.
*These includes Caterpies and Metapods in the Pikachu version. For the other
versions, it includes also Weedles, Kakunas, and some Pikachus

In Pewter city, you will meet the first pokemon gym leader Brock. He is a rock pokemon* trainner, and carries two pokemons:
1) Geodude: level 12
2) Onyx: level 14
So be sure that most of your pokemons are at level 13 or above, and remember that flying pokemons are not good against rock pokemons! At the North of the city, there is a museum displaying fossils of extinct pokemons. Take a look if you want, but its reason for being will come up later. After defeating Brock you can proceed to the East of the city to Mt. Moon.
*Rock pokemons are weak against water, grass, ice, fighting and ground type
pokemon (and if you are using Pikachu, don't even bother using any electric
attacks, 'cuz it won't work)

On your way to Mt. Moon, there are quite a few challengers. Most of them used grass and poison pokemon so by some antidote before you go. There are also some fields with many Spearows, Jigglypuff (not in Pikachu version though) and other pokemons along the way. There is a pokemon center right beside Mt. Moon. In it, there is a person that will sell you a level 5 Magikarp for $500, but you can also catch it with an old fishing rod, which you will get later on.

In Mt. Moon, there are many different pokemons* to battle. There are also many challengers and items to pick up in there. To the left-hand side, there are two items: potion and TM12. To the right of the same floor, there are 3 more items: potion, rare candy and escape rope. When going the right, you will notice a stairway (stairway A) to a lower floor. If you wish to get an item that will increase the HP of your pokemon, go down the stairs and follow the path until you see another stairway (stairway B). Go down stairway B, and you will see the item on your upper left. Now return to the stairway A you took and go up, and then to the left. There you will see stairway C. If you go down the stairs and to the left, where stairway D is, and go down again, you will see TM01. Now return to stairway C and go downwards and to your left. In the upper left corner, there is a Moon Stone, which will evolve some pokemons. There is also stairway E. Go down stairs and follow the path to stairway F. Now you can go down the steps and up the others again and walk along the way to where stairway G is.
*There are Zubats, and Geodudes in all versions, Clefairys and Paras

Just before you reach stairway G, you will have to battle with Team Rock's Jessy and James, who train 3 pokemons* which are all around level 16:
1) Ekans
2) Coughing
3) Meowth
So power up your pokemons first. After battling with them you can go up stairway G, and then to the right to exit Mt. Moon.
*I'm not very sure if these are the 3 pokemons you battle in all versions (Pikachu
version for sure it is true,) because I heard somebody saying something about
battling a level 16 Raticate

Just before reaching Cerulean city, there is TM14 a few bushes that have some pokemons* along the way. Make sure that you catch some, 'cuz you can't go back until quite a while. You will see a man standing in front of a cave, but don't bother trying to get there, because you can't until you defeat everyone in the pokemon league In Cerulean city, there is a bike shop, but don't bother trying to gain money and buy it now. The house above the bike shop have different purposes in different versions**. In this city, you will have to face the gym leader, Misty. She is a water pokemon trainer***, and she use 2 pokemons:
1) Staryu: level 18
2) Starmie: level 21
After defeating her, proceed to the North of the city. There, you will, once again, have to battle with Gary and 15 other challengers.**** To the left, there are fields full of grass pokemons. To the right, you will find Bill***** the "Pokemaniac." You will have to follow his instructions to turn him back to a human. Then he will give you a ticket to go on to the St. Anne later on, and you can go check out his PC. After all this, go back to the city and to the house at the right top corner. Go in the house and out the back door, then follow the path downwards.
*There are some Ekans (not in the yellow version) and some other pokemons
you've seen before
**In the Pikachu version, this house is a "Pokemon Spa." The girl inside will give
you a Bulbasaur, if you have captured about 20 pokemons. In other versions, it is a "Pokemon Trading Center"
***Remember that electric pokemons and grass pokemons are good against water
****If you are playing the yellow version, there is a person on the upper left
corner after the bridge. He will give you a Charmander
*****One time, a person told me something about taking 4 Evees in different
evolved (3 evolved and 1 non-evolved) form to Bill, something will happen, but
I'm not very sure at the moment

Down the path, you will see three houses. One of them is a "Pokemon School." You will have to go across a few fields* before getting there. You can put your pokemon there and come back later to pay some fees to get it back. You will find your pokemon being powered up more if you leave it there longer**. Another house, which is a little more southern, is a gate to Saffron city. You will find that Saffron city has gates all around it; therefore, at the moment, you can't get there. The only way out is to go into the third house and go downstairs to the tunnel. This tunnel will lead you to a field that's very near Vermillion city. In those fields, there are Abras*** and other pokemons, and some challengers. Head south to reach Vermillion city.
*In the Pikachu version, there are some Jigglypuffs there. They are all about level
5 only
**To my knowledge, the pokemon's experience increase by 1 for every step you
***Abras are very useful. Although it can do nothing but teleportation before it
evolves, but this knowledge can bring you to the pokemon center you had visited
last time (saves a lot of time)

At the very south of Vermillion city, you will find a cruise. This is the St. Anne. There are many challengers on board, but don't defeat them all just yet. First you must find the captain, he will give you Hidden Machine 01* only if you haven't defeat all his passengers. Just before you enter his room, you will, again, meet and battle with Gary. Remember that once you got Hidden Machine 01, and get out of the St. Anne, it will depart. So be sure you fought some of the passengers first! The 3rd gym is also located in this city. Before you get to fight Lt. Surge, the gym leader, you will have to solve a little puzzle first**. This is an easy match since Surge only use one pokemon***:
1) Raichu: level 28
If you go to the house located on the farthest left of the pokemon center and talk to the man inside, he will give you an "Old Fishing Rod." Since the rod is "Old" you can only catch Magikarp with it. The house above and to the left of the gym has six people in it. Talk to the man in black and he will give you an exchange ticket. Now you can go back to Cerulean city's bike shop and give it to the store manager; he will give you a bike for free.
*Hidden Machine 01 is a tree cutting ability. You can put it on grass pokemons
(and I know it also works on Charmander and Sandshrew.) Remember one thing
though, once a hidden ability is put on a pokemon, you cannot get rid of it;
therefore, my advise will be, "Just put it on one pokemon."
**In the Pikachu version, I had to click A in front of two "Trash Cans" (that's
what I call it.) One is on the upper right corner, and the one on the left side of it
***In some other walkthroughs I've been looking at, the person said there were 3 pokemons in the red version:
1) Voltrob: level 21
2) Pikachu: level 18
3) Raichu: level 24

To the East of Vermillion city, there is a cave. There are many Digeletts and a few Dugtrios in the cave. Out the cave, there is a tree. Cut it down and get the 2 items. Keep on going and you will see two houses. In the first house, talk to the baby, and he will trade a pokemon with you. In the second house, a man will give you Hidden Machine 05. Now return to Cerulean city.

Go thru the house on the upper right corner again, but this time proceed to the East instead of South. There will be a tree blocking the road, but this time you can cut it right down and keep going. To the east, thru many challengers, there is a pokemon center. Beside it, is a very dark cave. You can't see anything without Hidden Machine 05, which is Flash. There are many pokemons*, challengers, and items along the way. This is not a very complicated cave, so don't worry.
*There are Onyxs, Machops, Zubats and Geodudes.

Outside the cave, there are some challengers. When you get thru them, you will find yourself in Lavender town. In this town, there is a pokemon tower, which contains ghost pokemons. But you won't be able to see them until you get a Silph Scope in Celadon city. There is, however, a house at the south of Lavender town which will let you change the name of your pokemon. Now proceed to the west of Lavender town. There is a field with many pokemons* and many challengers there. There will be a house at the west end of the field with a tunnel as a basement. Go thru the tunnel and you will arrive at Celadon city.
*There are Mankeys, Pidgey, Oddish and Growlithe.

There is a building at the middle-north with a back door. Go in from the back door go upstairs then to another room. In there, you can get a level 25 Evee. At Celadon city is where the 4th Gym is located. Here you will have to fight Erica; she is a grass pokemon trainner*.
1)Tangler: level 30
2) Weepinbell: level 32
3) Gloom: level 32
There is a huge shopping mall and a slot machine center. In order to play slots, you will have to go into the house at the south of the center and talk to the person in the upper left- hand corner. He will give you a basket to put your marbles (or coins). Then go to the slot machine center and you can buy some marbles. There are also people playing slots there; talk to them and you can collect up to 60 marbles. At the upper right corner of the center, there is a guard. Battle with him so he will get out of the way. Now look at the picture on the wall. There, then, will a stairway appear. Go up stairs and you will now be in the team rocket gang's hiding place. There are quite a few challengers and items along the way to the boss. Fight the head of the gang and you will get a Silph Scope from him. In the shopping center, you can buy many things you can't in other pokemon shops. For example, you can buy leaf stone, fire stone, water stone and thunder stone to evolve some specific pokemons. There are also some medicines that will increase your pokemon's AP, DP, SP, and speed. In the blue version, you can also increase your pokemon's HP. There is no way that you can proceed to the west, because there is a sleeping Snorelax in the way. So you will have to go back to Lavender town.
*In the red version it is
1) Victreebel: level 29
2) Tangela: level 24
3) Vileplume: level 29

With the Silph Scope in your pocket, you can see the ghost in the pokemon town in Lavender town. Enter the pokemon tower and you will meet Gary again; defeat him and go to the top floor. There a person will give you a pokemon flute. This flute can wake up a Snorelax. There are two Snorelaxes in this game, so if you want to collect all 150 (or 151) pokemons be sure you catch at least one of them. One is blocking the west of Celadon city, and the other, is blocking the south of Lavender town. To wake them up, you will have to use the pokemon flute. And once you did, you will have to fight it. Snorelax is not a very tough pokemon, but it's sure hard to catch, because it can recover its HP by sleeping. Now there are two ways to go to Fushia city. You can either proceed to the south of Lavender town, or to the west of Celadon city. If you choose the path at the south of Lavender town you will be able to get a better fishing rod in a house along the way and to fish some water pokemons.* If you choose to go to the west of Celadon city, you will be able to catch some other neat pokemons,** but you will need a bike. Also that on the road that you see snorelax in Celadon city, there is a tree, cut it down and go thru the building, there is a person in the house that will give you Hidden Machine 02, which is Flying. Put this on any flying pokemon, and you can fly to any pokemon centers you've ever been to. With is machine, you would want to go back to the museum in Pewter city. Cut down the tree there and go into the back room. Talk to the guys in there and one of them will give you the Old Amber. Both paths contain similar amount of challengers, and both are very challenging.***
*There are many Horseas and Seadras to catch (the Seadras are usually level 35)
**There are Ponytas in the fields
***Personally, I recommend going thru both paths. You may want to consider to
use the bike path to go to Fushia city, and the other for practice, because the
bike path is not very good if you want to go from Fushia city back to Celadon

The man in the house on the right of the pokemon center will give you the best fishing rod, and the one beside it will give you Hidden Machine 04, which is a rock pushing ability. At the north of Fushia city is the Sarfari Zone. The admission fee is $500, this includes 500 paces (steps) and 30 sarfari zone pokeballs. So you might want to spend some time there, because there are many pokemons that you can't catch outside. And don't forget to bring your fishing rod, 'cuz there are many Dratinis in the water. There is a house in the Sarfari Zone with many statues in the front. Go into that house and the man will give you Hidden Machine 03, which is swimming ability.

The 5th gym is also located in Fushia city. In the gym, there are places that you can't walk thru, because there are invisible walls everywhere, but it's quite easy to figure out your way. After beating the Fushia gym, go back to Celadon city's shopping center. Go to the top floor and buy a drink. Carry it to the gate to Saffron city.

There are two gyms in Saffron city. You will have to beat the gym leader on the left first. After you beat him, he will let you choose between a Hitmochan and a Hitmonlee. Then go to the big building located in the center of the city. This is another hideout of Team Rocket, you will met Gary again and will have to fight him too. Then talk to the guy in the same room, he'll give you a Lapras. Beat everyone, and when you get to the top, to the gang leader, beat him and you will be able to get a Master Ball* from him. Be sure that you don't already have 20 items with you, otherwise, if you don't get the Master Ball you might be in deep trouble. Then go back to the gym on the right. You kind of have to guess your way thru the gym until you see Sabrina, the 6th gym leader. She is a psychic pokemon trainner and has 4 pokemons**:
1)Kadabra: level 38
2)Mr. Mime: level 37
3)Venomoth: level 38
4)Alakazam: level 43
*Don't use the pokeball until later on! Or you'll regret it like I do!
**In the pikachu version, there's only 3 pokemons to fight: Abra, Kadabra, and
Alakazam. And the tip for fighting this gym is to use regular attacks instead of
special ones

Now you might concider going back to Cerulean city's pokemon center. If you could still remember, there is a water path at the north of the dark cave. Now that you have swimming ability, swim to the south and you will find a power plant there. Since many electric pokemons are gathered there, you might want to catch some before you have to deal with the water pokemons later on. The one and only one Zapdos: level 50 in the game is also located at the exit of the power plant.

Go back to Fushia city, and swim to the south of the city, and remember to carry a pokemon with rock pushing ability with you. Don't worry about the pokemons that bumps into you when you are swimming because most of them are only level 5. But there are 20 pokemon trainners along the way so watch out.* To the southwest you'll see a Saefoam Island. There is a cave that you'll have to find your way thru. There are many pokemons in there. You will see some rocks lying beside some holes. Push them in the hole so that you will be able to block the current of the water under the cave. This way you can get to Articuno: level 50. Keep in mind that there's only one Articuno in the whole game, so be sure to save before you play! After you found your way out of the cave, you might want to heal your pokemons either by going to the pokemon center in Fushia city, or your home. In my opinion, going back to Pallet Town is a better choice because it is closer to Cinnabar Island, and you don't have to go thru the cave again.
*It will be best to carry a pokemon with either the ability to fly or teleport back to
a pokemon center

If you start from Saefoam Island, you will just have to swim to the west. If you start from Pallet Town, swim to the south of the city, and you will arrive at the Cinnabar Island, where the 7th gym is located. There is a house on the very left of the pokemon center. There are a few pokemon trainers in this house that will trade pokemons with you. The furthest room is where you can find the scientist that will help you to turn your Old Amber and Ocean or Sea Fossil into pokemons.* Just give him your fossils or amber, and walk around for a bit, then go back there and he'll give you the pokemon. In order to get into the gym, you will have to go to the building on the top left corner of the island and find the keys. Gym leader Blaine uses fire pokemons. He owns**:
1) Growlithe: Level 42
2) Rapidash: Level 42
3) Ponyta: level 40
4) Arcanine: level 47
*The ancient pokemons that he will give to you are both at level 30
**In the Pikachu version, Blaine still owns the above pokemons, but Ponyta and
Arcanine were both level 50

Now you only have one more gym to go before you can enter the pokemon league. This gym leader, you've already met twice in the game. But I don't want to spoil the fun, therefore I won't be telling his name. The 8th and the last gym is located in Veridian city. He is kind of tough, but if you use the right pokemons*, is will be an easy battle. Here we go, his pokemons are**:
1)Dugtrio: level 42
2)Rhydon: level 50
3)Nidoking: level 45
4)Nidoqueen: level 43
5)Rhyhorn: level 45
*My suggestion is to use a water pokemon in this battle
**I'm not quite sure about the levels of his pokemons in the pikachu version, but
I'll varify that later on

Before you go anywhere, be very sure that you are caring a pokemon with rock pushing ability and a pokemon with swimming ability with you, or otherwise you will waste a lot of time. Now proceed to the west of Veridian city, and you'll once again met Gary. This time he is a little tougher in my opinion, but he's still beatable. After beating him, keep going to the west and then north to the building. Show the guards your badge, and they will let you proceed. It is a pretty long road, so if you don't want to go thru all that and waste your time, I suggest you to bring a pokemon that can either fly or teleport to pokemon centers.

After passing all 8 guards, you will arrive at Victory Road. This is where you will have to use your pokemon with rock pushing ability. You will see that there are special squares on the ground. You can't walk thru them. Therefore, you will have to push the rock onto the circles on the ground in order to make the squares disappear. There are many pokemons in there, and most of them are rock pokemons, so having a water pokemon battling will help a lot. They are also big fans of self-explosion, so if you see pokemons that you can't kill with one shot and knew that it will self-explo, just get a ghost pokemon out, because the explosion won't hurt them a bit. There is also a Moltres in there, and so catch it if you are going for all 150 pokemons, 'cuz it's also the only one in the whole game. After you get out of this place, go to Indigo Plateau and heal your pokemons. This is the only place that I'll strongly suggest you to buy some items such as healing, PP enddo, because you will have to battle with at least 26 pokemons that are at least level 50 with no chance to go back to a pokemon center to heal your pokemons. The following is the list of pokemons you will have to fight in the league:

First trainer, Lorelei, uses water pokemons (the use of electric pokemons are recommended):
1)Dewgong: level 54 (type: water & psychic)
2)Cloyster: level 53 (type: water & psychic)
3)Slowbro: level 54 (type: water & psychic)
4)Jynx: level 56 (type: ice psychic)*
5)Lapras: level 56 (type: water & ice)
Second trainer, Bruno, uses rock and fighting pokemons (the use of water & ghost or psychic pokemons are recommended):
1)Onix: level 53 (type: rock)
2)Hitmonchan: level 55 (type: fighting)
3)Hitmonlee: level 55 (type: fighting)
4)Onix: level 56 (type: rock)
5)Machamp: level 58 (type: fighting)
Third trainer, Agatha, uses mainly ghost pokemons (fighting pokemons are not recommended, but psychic, electric and fire pokemons will do a fine job):
1)Ganga: level 56 (type: ghost & poison)
2)Golbat: level 56 (type: flying & poison)
3)Haunter: level (type: ghost & poison)
4)Arbok: level (type: poison)
5)Ganga: level 60 (type: ghost & poison)
Fourth trainer and the last before Gary, Lance, uses dragon pokemons (psychic and electric pokemons are recommended):
1)Gyarados: level 58 (type: water & flying? & maybe dragon)
2)Dragonair: level 56 (type: dragon) ***this dragonair uses electric
3)Dragonair: level 56 (type: dragon) ***this dragonair uses water
4)Aerodactyl: level 60 (type: flying & earth? & maybe dragon)
5)Dragonite: level 62 (type: dragon & flying)

After fighting those four trainers, you will have you fight your good old rival, Gary. The pokemons he owns depends on what pokemon you choose at the beginning of the game, and here they are:

For the Pikachu Version:
1)Sandslash: level 61 (type: ground)
2)Alakazam: level 59 (type: psychic)
3)Exeggcutor: level 61 (type: grass & psychic)
4)Magneton: level 61 (type: electric)
5)Cloyster: level 63 (type: water & psychic)
6)Flareon: level 65 (type: fire)

For other versions, if you choose Charmander:
1)Pidgeot (type: flying)
2)Alakazam (type: psychic)
3)Rhydon (type: ground)
4)Arcanine (type: fire)
5)Exeggcutor (type: grass & psychic)
6)Blastoise (type: water)

1)Pidgeot (type: flying)
2)Alakazam (type: psychic)
3)Rhydon (type: ground)
4)Gyarados (type: water & flying & maybe dragon)
5)Exeggcutor (type: plant & psychic)
6)Charizard (type: fire & flying)

1)Pidgeot (type: flying)
2)Alakazam (type: psychic)
3)Rhydon (type: ground)
4)Gyarados (type: water & flying? & maybe dragon)
5)Arcanine (type: fire)
6)Venusaur (type: grass & poison)

It won't be surprising for you to have to go thru that a few times before winning, but don't worry, this is the only time in the whole game where you can loose as many times as you want and not to loose any money. You will only earn money and experience for your pokemons and maybe yourself, and won't be loosing anything. When you beat them all and recording the pokemons in the league, there will be a 1 or 2 minute credit scene, although it's boring, don't turn off the game, or you'll have to go thru all of it again, which is worst. Wait until it's finished and then you can check if they saved the game for you. You will be right in front of your house. Go and heal your pokemons first, and then go to Cerulean city.

Now is when you will want to use your Master Ball. Go to the north east of the town and swim to the south. The guy who stands in front of the cave will go away and you can enter Mewtwo's Cave. It's a great place to train your pokemons because all the wild pokemons in there have a level from 45 to 65. All… except one. And that's Mewtwo. You will have to find your way there, but before you do that, I suggest that you should really train your pokemons well, and have at least one pokemon that is able to make other pokemons sleep. You can only catch Mewtwo when it's in some kind of condition, and the sleeping condition is the best. But remember that it will only sleep for one or two rounds and it's extremely hard to catch even if you have a Master Ball.

When you have caught all 150 pokemons, there is a guy in Celadon city that will give you a Pokemon Diploma. Good luck then!

Pokemon Walkthrough By DRAGONAIRLAIR

Pokemon sold over 8 million cartridges in Japan and it was obvious that a sequel was going to be made. Nintendo announced Pokemon Gold and Silver a while ago but I haven't gotten around to writing a preview. Pokemon Gold/Silver is one of the most highly anticipated games of all time. There are many improvements to Pokemon Gold/Silver, also known as Pokemon 2.

New Pokemon
I believe there are 266 different Pokemon, mostly all original ones. Pokemon have different genders (male and female, obviously) and you can breed Pokemon. You can even crossbreed some Pokemon to make new Pokemon! Some Pokemon are nocturnal (active at night) and others are diurnal (active during the day). This means that time will change like in Zelda 64. You will probably need two teams, one for day and one for night. And of course there will be new abilities (over 200!) but there is no info on what they will be. The Pokedex will be upgraded but I don't know how.

Other New Stuff
You can play as either a boy (Ash) or a girl (maybe Misty?). There is the bike from the original game and a new skateboard that lets you go to places not accessible with the bike.

Well there aren't many drawbacks (after all, it is a new Pokemon game, how bad could it be?) but the worst thing is that you can't SEND Pokemon from Gold/Silver to Pokemon Green/Blue/Red/Yellow but you can RECEIVE Pokemon from Pokemon Green/Blue/Red/Yellow to Pokemon Gold/Silver.

Release Date
The game should be out in Spring 1999. Of course, Nintendo is famous for its delays so be prepared for a possible Summer release date.
Better graphics, huh?

The buildings are bigger
giving the game a more
realistic look.

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