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Welcome To The Dragonite's Lair and is owned by Alan Wai kait Tang.update since April 5,2000 surf.to/dragonite is my new adress .I have a new e-mail service just click on the e-mail button thinky please e-mail me @ Alantang73@hotmail.com or Icq me at the message board. April 5,2000 I HAVE A NEW SITE The site address is www.members.tripod.com/planetpkmn/dbz.html for all you dragonball z fans still under construction. March 28, 2000 HEADLINES NEWS Pokemon Name Changes [Source >> IGN] So here are some more Pokemon names that have changed..... So if the guys at Nintendo didn't change anything.. I would be Hocus Pocus? I like Machamp's name, and its evolutions.. Pretty funny..

Flammy became Growlithe Blaze became Arcanine Polihirl became Poliwhirl (though we're assuming that's a typo) Hocus became Abra Pocus became Kadabra Kara-tee became Machop Kung-Foo became Machoke Ju-Doh became Machamp Jilly became Tentacool Man O War became Tentacruel I going to make a few changes soon. Thanks For Coming To The Dragonite's Lair March 17,2000 POKEMON STADIUM HAS HIT THE STORES: FOR ALL YOU POKEMON FANS YOUR GOING TO LIKE THIS POKEMON STATIUM HAS HIT THE STORES POKEMON STADIUM FEATURES ARE: 32MB/256 megabit cartridge. 151 Pokémon. 3D scenes. New gameplay modes. Compatible with Game Boy titles. Data exchange via 64GB Pak Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Nintendo Genre: Other Origin: Japan Number of Players: 4 Expected Release Date: now avalible A fourth Pokémon game will be coming out for the Nintendo 64. The sequel to Pokémon Stadium, Pokémon Stadium 2 will improve on its predecessor making the series even more enjoyable. Some notable features are: In the original, players were limited to the 40 pokémon preset in the game, but now in the sequel, all 151 pokémon are available for battle. There will also be mini games/training games to help improve your pokémon. As stated earlier, Pokémon Stadium 2 will have many new modes of play. Here are some of them: Tonikaku Battle: This is a "tutorial" mode. It allows new players to learn the basics of the game so they can later on train and fight their own Pokémon. Event Battle: This is also known as the "Pokémon league" mode, where you must fight the click. Here you can control the "battle time limit" and the "move selection time limit." In other words, you can make a battle last 2 minutes, or 90 minutes. You can also make the time for selecting a move anywhere from 10-90 seconds. (If both Pokémon are alive at the end of the fight, the one with the most HP wins) Exchange Machine: This is where you trade data with your Game Boy. It seems to be the same as in the prequel. You just plug your Game Boy Pokémon cartridge into the 64GB and transfer the data, then you can view your monsters in 3D and fight them. Winner's Castle: This is a tournament mode which lets you battle for six prizes. Its a six on six battle against your opponent at different difficulty settings. Chibbikko Club: This mode containes nine types of mini-games (sort of like Mario's Party). Here up to four players can play, but if you have less, the CPU fills in the rest. Free Battle: This is a tag team mode for up to four players. Each player gets to choose three pokémon, and their partners three, for a total of six. It's basically a 2 vs. 2 battle. GB Building: This is just like an emulator. It lets you play your Game Boy Pokémon cartridge on your TV through your Nintendo 64. Well, Pokémon Stadium seems very promising. Its release is now avalible.... PLUS IF YOUR A TRUE POKEMON FAN I RECOMMED THAT YOU BUY THIS GAME A POKEOMN STADIUM WEB PAGE WILL BE BUILT NEXT MONTH FOR THIS SITE
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