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THE TWO PLAYER STARTER PACKThe Pokémon two-player Starter Set is perfect for players who are ready to start their Pokémon trading card game adventure! Players learn the basics of the Pokémon trading card game with two 30-card starter decks. One player can later add in the Pokémon Machamp and combine the two decks for more advanced 60-card play. Recommended for beginning players. The two-player Starter Set includes: Two 30-card decks, a holographic 1st edition Machamp card, 10 damage counters, a starter game guide, and an advanced rulebook. List of cards included with Starter Set 14 Fighting energy 3 Diglett 4 Machop 2 Machoke 2 Rattata 1 Dratini 2 Potion 1 Energy Removal 1 Pokédex 14 Fire Energy 4 Ponyta 4 Charmander 2 Charmeleon 1 Growlithe 1 Bill 1 Gust of Wind 2 Switch 1 Energy Removal 1 Machamp

With four different preconstructed theme decks to choose from, players can play their favorite Pokémon while learning advanced Pokémon strategies and deckbuilding. Zap!, Overgrowth, Blackout, and Brushfire introduce the full array of Pokémon abilities and four unique strategies designed to take your trainer skills to the next level. Recommended for experienced players. 18 Fire energy 10 Grass energy 1 Arcanine 2 Growlithe 4 Charmander 2 Charmeleon 2 Vulpix 1 Ninetales 4 Nidoran (M) 2 Tangela 4 Weedle 1 Energy Removal 2 Energy Retrieval 1 Gust of Wind 1 Lass 1 PlusPower 3 Potion 1 Switch

Zap! Knock your opponent's Pokémon out of the fight with the Psychic and Lightning Pokémon in this "Zap!" deck. 12 Electric energy 16 Psychic energy 3 Magnemite 4 Pikachu 3 Abra 1 Kadabra 2 Drowzee 3 Gastly 2 Haunter 2 Jynx 1 Mewtwo 2 Bill 1 Computer Search 1 Defender 2 Gust of Wind 1 Potion 1 Professor Oak 1 Super Potion 2 Switch
Overgrowth Take over the game by evolving your Grass and Water Pokémon to maximum toughness with this "Overgrowth" deck! 16 Grass energy 12 Water energy 4 Bulbasaur 2 Ivysaur 4 Weedle 2 Kakuna 1 Beedrill 2 Magikarp 1 Gyrados 4 Staryu 3 Starmie 2 Bill 2 Gust of Wind 1 Potion 2 Super Potion 2 Switch Blackout Leave your rivals in the dark as you destroy their Energy with the Fighting and Water Pokémon in this "Blackout" deck!16 Fighting energy 12 Water energy 2 Farfetch'd 1 Hitmonchan 4 Machop 2 Machoke 3 Onix 3 Sandshrew 4 Squirtle 2 Wartortle 3 Staryu 4 Energy Removal 1 Gust of Wind 1 PlusPower 1 Professor Oak 1 Super Energy Removal Each preconstructed theme deck includes: A 60-card deck, a holographic card, 1 Pokémon coin,10 damage counters, and an advanced rulebook
Expert-level booster packs are recommended for players who know what it takes to be the very best! If you know the rules of Pokémon trading card game play and how to build your own deck, then all the

Energy types, Trainer cards, and nearly all the Pokémon are at your disposal in the booster packs. Recommended for expert players. Each booster pack includes: 11 tradable game cards with a mix of common, uncommon, rare, and holographic Pokémon*, Trainer cards, and Energy cards.Are you ready to explore the jungle? If you look hard, you'll find 48 new Pokémon cards in the exciting Jungle expansion for the Pokémon trading card game. Trade with your friends, show off your favorites, and build decks from the random cards in this booster pack to customize a Pokémon theme deck or starter set.

Collect all the Jungle cards and you'll discover awesome new holographic cards with super attacks - a must for every Pokémon collector! Do you have the skills to become the world's number-one Pokémon Master? Master the Pokémon trading card game and find out! Recommended for players ages 10 and up. Each player must have a 60-card deck of Pokémon cards to play. Collect both Pokémon: Jungle theme decks! Train with both of these theme decks and you'll be on your way to mastering all types of Pokémon. Each theme deck has a different strategy and different Pokémon. Follow these deckbuilding suggestions by adding cards from other theme decks and boosters, and power up your deck! Water Blast Hold your opponent's Pokémon at bay until it's time to bring out the big guns with the Fighting and Water Pokémon in this "Water Blast" deck!

Power Reserve Pokémon, unite! With this "Power Reserve" deck, your Grass and Psychic Pokémon will come swarming to each other's aid!

Water Blast Theme Deck 14 Water Energy 14 Fighting Energy 4 Poliwag 2 Poliwhirl 1 Seel 1 Vaporeon 2 Machop 1 Rhydon 3 Rhyhorn 4 Eevee 4 Meowth 2 Persian 2 Gust of Wind 2 Potion 1 Professor Oak 2 Super Potion 1 Switch Power Reserve Theme Deck 17 Grass Energy 11 Psychic Energy 4 Bellsprout 1 Gloom 4 Nidoran (F) 2 Nidorina 2 Oddish 2 Weepinbell 4 Abra 1 Jynx 2 Kadabra 1 Kangaskhan 2 Bill 2 Gust of Wind 1 Pokédex 3 Potion 1 Switch
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