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LAST UPDATED APRIL 5,2000 UPADTED EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Alan Tang This Site is dedicated to informing and serving DBZ and other Anime fans about DBZ in this site you will find many Dragon Ball Z info about you characters and this show also reach my other site at Got News? Send it at:

(03/25/2000 1:25 PM)I finally fixed the forum. There will be no more updates on this site. I am currently working on a newer and improved DBZ site.

(03/08/2000 10:30 PM)I am currently working on a new and improved layout. Remember patience is a virtue.

(03/01/2000 07:00 PM)I haven't had any major updates recently because I was real busy setting up the DBZ forum. Visit it and express your opinions. I also had to upload a lot of movies again because the haad some file troubles. That took up alot of time because of my slow modem. I also changed the movies and music section tables to make them easier to view.

(02/23/2000 08:00 PM)I closed the chatrooms for good this time due to lack of simultaneous visitors. I have however added a forum for all you guys. This way you guys can post a message and then wait a while for people to respond.

(02/21/2000 07:00 PM)I reopened the chatrooms people enjoy!

(02/19/2000 10:30 PM)Okay guys I have just added a chat room enjoy. Try it out then tell me what you think of it by going to my comments section. If you guys don't like it I might add a different chatboard and probably a forum which I'm working on right now.

(02/18/2000 07:35 PM) Major update everybody if you haven't noticed I just added a new version to this site. Because of the increased use of Javascripts and stuff this site was becoming almost impossible to handle on all older computers.(3 1/2 yrs + comps) But I didn't want to get rid of my current design so I decided to make a whole new version of this site. I haven't updated for a while but now you know why.

(02/16/2000 09:28 PM) Lets see I edited my TV schedule section and Hyper Dimension. I also made some changes throughout the site to make it easier to surf etc. I added the Free DSL link a couple of days ago because a visitor had emailed me about. It seems like an excellent ISP. Although it doesn't launch until April though.

02/10/2000 05:18 PM) Since I am extremely busy I'll make it quick. I have just added the TV schedule section. I also made changes here and there to correct mistakes or improve the site. Goodbye for now expect to hear from me real soon.

(02/05/2000 02:35 PM)Hi, everybody I have just added 2 new animations 9 music files the QT version and I added a couple of Sagas in the DBZ story section. I've added the Android Saga and the Cell Game. The two animations I added are Gokou's KameHameHa and Vegitto's Final KameHameHa. The nine music files are the same MIDIs in Quick Time version. I also corrected some errors in the DBZ story section. The reason I've done so much is because of my increase in hit rate.

(02/04/2000 03:49 PM)Okay people I have not updated this site for a while. It me a long time because I havejust added 15 new quick time movies. Expect several new animations by saturday morning. Anyway can you guys help me out by actually voting for my site if you like it. It seems that some sites have pop-ups on their sites and get automatic votes. I'm not gonna cheat like many sites this way so please vote for this site if you like it.

(01/29/2000 09:33:35 PM) This is a short update and fix. I have fixed the images problem in the reviews section and added 7 new Gotenks animations from Hyper Dimension. I may update once again time will tell, I just have a lot of work to do.

(01/29/2000 11:33:35 AM) I have just added Hyper Dimension to the game reviews section which includes several images of it. I will have the TV schedule done by next week. By tomorrow afternoon I will include Gotenks in my animation section. Right now I only have two animations done I won't bother posting them until I make more. I will also add more of Vegita's animations and everyone's major ki attack KameHameHa, Masenkou, etc. Expect a review of one of the Super Butouden games done by next week. The reason I keep on saying next week is because I will be working on a project for Biology. Of course I'll be making an animation for part of my presentation, seeing that I love making them. That is just great I've got to presentations this monday!


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