Dragonball Z Characters
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Dragonball Z Characters

(in order of appearance for the most part)

Goku - The main hero, wears a orange martial arts uniform, with a blue undershirt and black boots. He has the Turtle kangi on the front, and King Kia's on the back(after King Kia Training). He has black hair that flares forward on one side, in a big lump. Goku is a Saiyan, from the planet Vegita. Saiyan's are ruthless, and rid a planet of it's current life to sell to the highest bidder, "Planet brokers". Goku was sent to earth as a baby, and hit his head, forgetting he was a Saiyan warrior, and was brought into the Human race without a second thought. Goku had a tail as a child, but had it removed.

Gohan - Goku's son, Chichi's daughter. He is a half Saiyan, and potentially the strongest person known in the DBZ universe, if he got the right training. Gohan was trained by Piccolo is the Martial arts, and recieved no training from his father, yet. In the Frezza Saga, Gohan sports a Purple Martial arts outfit, with a white puffy thing around his neck; In the Saiyan Saga he had a variation of that.

Chichi - Goku's wife, and mother to Gohan. ChiChi is, well, a few bricks shy of a wall, if you know what I mean. While she saw Gohan fighting in the Saiyan battle, she went through like 20 different mood changes. Let's just say that she doesn't react very well to fighting situations that involve her son.

Bulma - The Purple haired scientist of the crew, she can make and/or fix just about anything. She is the Daughter of Dr.Briefs, who owns the Capsle Corp. She is part of the shows Comic Relief, and a source for technical stuff, in a mystical show.

Master Roshi - AKA the Turtle Hermit, he is the one who taught Goku his Martial arts skills. He is the other Comic Relief of the show, a crazy looking old man who makes smart ass comments, but sometime in the series, he will fight a little.

Krillin - He is a bald miget with no nose, and instead of a nose, he has 6 dots on his forhead(Don't ask, cause I have no idea). Now, don't get me wrong, Krylin can be a cool guy when he's not a wuss. He Trained along side Goku, with Master Roshi. Krylin is not very stong, compared to the Other Zee fighters, but he is a critical Ace in the hole durring the first couple Saga's of the show.

Piccolo - The Green Skinned Namek, young, not the old one. Piccolo is Evil, as if fruits of the Devil...or, he used to be. He and Goku teamed up to beat Raditz, and then he trained Gohan, and become good, through the love he developed for his student. Piccolo and Kami used to be one person, So when ever one dies, so does the other, and that's why Kami died when Piccolo did, durring the Saiyan battles.

Raditz - Goku's Brother, Evil, Came down in a space pod, to Get Goku to come back with him. Together, Goku and Piccolo Defeated Raditz. Raditz had Long hair, like down to his knee's, flailing back, black.

Kami - Guardian of the Earth. He is Piccolo's good half. Him and Piccolo were once one, but seperated when Kami tired to purge all hatred from himself. He has a nice palace in the sky. Mez & Goz - These two beasts were in that area when Goku fell off Snake way, "The land of no return". Goku beat them up, and they told him the secret way out, but he ended up at the begining of Snake way again!

King Kai - Goku's teacher while in the Afterlife. He learned the Kaiohken style of fighting from him, which also includes the massive Spirit Bomb. King Kai later teachs some of the Other Z fighters while they enjoy their stay in the after life.

Bubbles - The Faithful Monkey of King Kai's planet, who runs around like an idiot while Goku chases him.

Gregory - A flying Cricket who Goku had to hit with a Mallet on King Kai's planet. He worships King Kai.

Yamcha - Yamcha is Bulma's X-boyfriend. They had a thing, and I think Yamcha stood her up or something, but Bulma still has feelings for him. He wears a suit like Goku's and has hair like similar to Goku's, but long, with a scar on his right eye.

Purr - Yamcha's pet cat who happens to be able to talk and float, Doesn't fight though.

Oolong - That fat pig, that looked up bulma's dress and tried to feel her up on more than one occassion. He doesn't fight either, just complain and hit on Bulma.

Tien - He is a bald guy with a third Triangular shaped eye, and has a way cool outfit. He is a major earth fighter.

Chaozu - He is Tien's little buddy. He has some magical attacks, and can fly/float.

Yajirobe - He is a fat slob, who heardly ever fights, but is very important. He cuts off Vegita's tail, allowing the Z-Fighters to beat him, but he is such a coward, it barely makes up for it. He likes to eat alot, and seemingly does nothing but take up space. Mr.Popo - He is this fat, ebony colored thing, that is Kami's best friend. He wears a turbon and rides on a magic carpet...talk about a fruit-loop.

Nappa - The Leader of the Saiyan Army, and one of the last Saiyan's, Nappa is ranked only under Vegita in Power during the Saiyan Saga, until Goku shows up. He is a Big, bulky guy, who is bald with a thin mustach, and a Bad temper. Nappa wears the traditional brownish Saiyan armor, about the same as Raditz's. He is Killed in the Saiyan Saga.

Vegita - The Strongest Saiyan, and strongest character we know of in DBZ, so far(thus being the end of the Saiyan Saga), and he is really powerful. He has a flare for the dramatic and says some of the coolest lines. He has Jet black hair that flares back and up, and wears a cool white/gold armor, with a blue covering underneith.

Saiyba-men - These Creatures are some aliens that Nappa planted in the earth, that the Z fighters faught before Nappa and Vegita.

The Z-Fighters - The group of earths forces to stop Vegita and Nappa. They Consist of: Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Chaozu and Yajirobe.

Raiichi & Zaakro - These Were the two Aliens Desguised as Nameks when Bulma, Gohan, and Krillin crash landed on that meteor before they got to the actual planet Namek.

Frezza - The Guy in Saiyan Armor in the floating chair. Vegita Seems to work for her, but after he came back from earth, and found out he(she) was going after the namek dragonballs got really pissed. So, Vegeta is going off to kill Frezza... nice guy huh? Frezza, I think is a he, they have refered to frezza as "he", but he looks, and sounds like a girl, and in the Original Japanese show he was. It's hard to tell.

Kui - Kui, or Cooie, is an arogent, wanna be. He stopped Vegita on planet Frezza, and yelled at him for going after the Dragonballs, and Frezza. Cooie chaced him to Namek and confronted him. Unfotunately, Vegita was hiding his powerlevel, it was actually at 22,000, way above Kui's(which was about 18,000). Kui tried to run away, but Vegita was much faster than him too. Vegita punched Cooie once, and broke his armor, then zaped him with two fingers(similar to how he killed Nappa, but this took no time to power up) and Kui became Space dust. Kui is a purple guy, with two what looks like cups on his forhead, and he wore a white/navy blue/black Saiyan Armor set. Kui looks kinda like a fish/man. Click here for the movie page, to download a .mov of Kui's Death.

Dodoria - This Big Pink animal likes to induce pain on people, especcially the Nameks, but he ran into a little trouble, named Vegita. He made a deal with Vegita, and Said he'd tell him a secret about Planet Vegeta is he would let him go. Vegita kept his Bargin and let Dodoria go... to another Dimension that is.

Zarbon - Frezza's Right hand Alien, with a pale complection and green hair that is in a long braid, he don't take lip from anyone. He has an austrailian voice, and a keen looking cape.

The Eldest Namek - This old, big, fat, sick, and dying namek. He releaced the Power in Gohan and Krillin, and warned of the Comming of the Ginyu

Dende - The little Namek that helps out Earths forces in the Frezza Saga

Ginyu - Frieza's most potent fighting force. The very elite of her forces. Each of them have their own diverse special abilities, making them virtually unstopable.

Nail - Gaurdien of the Eldest Namek, and the one true fighter class namek of the planet.

Tarlus - The Main enemy of the Tree of Might tv special. He looked like Goku, except his skin was more pain, more greyish, and he wore Saiyan battle armor, with a Cape like Piccolo's.

Icurus - Gohan's Dragon friend in the Tree of Might tv special.

Raisen & Lakusei - The twins, from Tarlus's army. They are both short and purple, and work together. ĞLakusei?

Armond - The big massive Bruit in Tarlus's team. Sort of like Nappa, except bigger, doesn't talk as much, and not as bad of a temper.

Metalis - The metal creature on Tarlus's team. I am not sure if that is his name, so if you know better, e-mail me please.

Daiz - The guy on Tarlus's team with the pony tail. I just gave him a name, cause they never say it. His Voice act also did MegaMan's brother on the Megaman Cartoon in America

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